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The new trailer for Foxcatcher shows a bit more about the tense relationship between Channing Tatum and Steve Carell, and gives you a pretty idea of how dark Carell goes with this magnificent, disturbing performance.

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  • Al Robinson

    Just, So-In-Tense!

    If Crazy, Stupid, Love. is Crazy, Stupid, Love., than Foxcatcher is Crazy, Stupid, Hate.

  • cirkusfolk

    I can’t figure out what film is the front runner right now, but after this teaser, I’m gonna say this is the film to beat.

  • Richard B

    Well, holy shit.

    The only thing stopping this from being a frontrunner is the early comparisons I heard to THE MASTER. Acting nominations I’m sure are a lock.

  • Koleś

    Carell is at the top as the lead, but juding by this trailer it’s Tatum who is the lead and Carell supporting. I hope none of these performances get the shit end of the stick because of category confusion, because they all look amazing. Ruffalo is safe category wise as the obvious support, but I hope Carell and Tatum won’t have to walk down the path of Leo in “Departed”.

    Greg Fraser’s cinematography looks stunning.

    I don’t know if you can safely call it THE frontrunner, but it’s very close to being one. Sadly it might be a little bit too dark for the BIG prizes like directing or picture, but the acting categories are well within reach.

  • Kane

    Koles, I agree about the cinematography. It seems immaculate and I hope will be remembered through the end of the year. This looks to be one of the most unnerving big movies to come out.

  • I’m not sure how being compared to THE MASTER is a bad thing–or is it more a “it’s too dark for the Academy” thing?

    This looks incredible, though. For me, the shot of Tatum from behind, jaw jutting out, staring into space, thinking about God knows what…that’s what makes it. That’s so subtly terrifying and simple, all in one image.

  • I was waiting for steve carrell to make me laugh in the teaser, but he didn’t. That’s not steve carrel. That’s someone else! Great acting, ooooooouuuu i’m scurred!

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