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Ethan Hawke talks to his children – or tries to. Boyhood is clocking in right now at 94 on Metacritic – even Slant Magazine gave it a good review. The film is wowing critics and will likely be a major player come Oscar time.

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  • david

    Does anyone think ‘Boyhood’ is a serious Best Picture Contender??

  • alexww

    Dying to see this! Does anyone know, is the sister played by the same actress throughout the film or is it just the parents/boy?

  • Josh

    it’s a big best pic contender. it’s something that has never been done in the history of cinema, the story is apparently good as well as a well liked director, the acting is also apparently very good. it has a lot going for it and i will be shocked if it’s not nominated in several categories.

  • Niles

    @Alexww That’s Richard Linklater’s daughter Lorelei Linklater and yes she plays throughout the entire film from age 8 to adult years.

  • Kane

    I think at the very least this will be nominated for original screenplay. Outside shots for picture, director and editing. It’s tough to say any more than that considering Linklater’s movies never hit big with the Academy. If his Before series never garner more than an adapted screenplay nomination than this’ll be a tough sell…or it could be more sentimental than the other movies. Time will tell.

  • cirkusfolk

    It’s still at a 100% on rottentomotoes! Wonder if it can keep it? I think that right there gives it a good shot at Picture nom.

  • Ricky

    Seeing this on Sunday, but preliminarily…

    I don’t see this as a major BP contender or Oscar contender in general outside of screenplay. My only reasoning for this is that it could very easily fall into the same critically adored, but mostly ignored category as the Before series. Linklater is the type of the director that is likely to be pushed aside until he does something a little more middle-of-the-road. Boyhood seems to be the exact opposite of that. Ultimately, it may be seen as one of the greatest films of all time, but that doesn’t mean that the academy will “get it” or care. If I had to list the noms I think it will get, despite myself and given that we know next to nothing at this point:


    BUT I hold that if it breaks out financially and the critics groups start rolling in their awards, it always stands a fair shot at:


    Do we really see it as an acting contender? Any of the other crafts? Not likely. Even if it got 4/8 of the big nom categories, that does not make a BP heavyweight.

  • Natasha

    This is a total Oscar story, period. A labor of love filmed over a period of years to capture a child growing up literally……so right now it’s actually my early frontrunner (despite not having seen it) based on the story behind the film as well as the clips I’ve seen.

    But I must say I”m also impressed by the epic Ridley Scott film trailer I just saw as well. And Foxcatcher looks intense. And then there’s “all that other stuff”–too much to mention here. This Oscar season appears very promising right now and could easily top the last, which, IMHO, wasn’t as phenomenal as some made it out to be. Let’s hope it’s not a big letdown.

  • Tony

    Clocking in at 97 on Metacritic right now. Easily the one to beat if it stays 95+. Doubt Foxcatcher will resonate the same way with voters.

    That said, Patricia Arquette should submit in Supporting.

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