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Out of respect for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, I went goggling aeround to learn more about Yul Brynner who played Ramses in Cecil B DeMille’s epic 6 decades ago. Found out more than I bargained for. NSFW gallery after the jump.

1956 was a big year for Mr Brynner. Anastasia, The King and I, The Ten Commandments. Every year was a big year for Yul Brynner, who began his career in his early 20s as model, immortalized in a nude session with photographer George Platt Lynes in 1942.

Rameses: Command them to kneel before Pharaoh.
Moses: Command what you have conquered, my brother.

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  • Chance

    Loved him growing up. He was my Dwayne Johnson before there was a Dwayne Johnson.

    Thanks for these! 😀

  • zazouzazou

    I read that Brynner was a Swiss citizen and Marlene Dietrich’s lover(at least for awhile).

  • keifer

    Brynner and Dietrich were lovers for about five years (they were both married, and yet remained inseparable from each other for quite a few years). Dietrich got cold feet when the words “divorce” and “marriage” were thrown around. But, according to her, they were deeply in love with each other. Apparently, Brynner would finish his matinee performance of “The King and I” on Broadway, and then rush out of the theater over to Dietrich’s apartment where they would make wild passionate love until he had to rush back to theater for the curtain to rise at 8 o’clock. You have to admire Yul. It must have taken great stamina to take on Broadway and Dietrich at the same time, and with such wild physical abandon! Now that you’ve screened these photos of Yul, Ryan, I can see even more readily why MD as smitten. According to her, when they separated it was agony and that he was the biggest heartbreak of her life (the “one that got away”).

  • keifer, that’s a fantastic story. thanks for classing up this page.

  • Chance

    Also a pleasant photo of Yul photographing Charlton Heston on set: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-rBPBmxlJrZQ/UG5RcWQ6oLI/AAAAAAAANaI/Yv3Pm5AseKU/s1600/brynner-shoots-heston.jpg

    A great “caption this” moment.

  • A great “caption this” moment.

    hashtag swag, hashtag bdsm

  • The only other time a dick has been on this site is in a post about Jeff Wells!

  • Richard B


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