This first shot of Amy (Rosamund Pike) in her early years goes by in mere seconds in the trailer for Gone Girl. But I could tell it contained much context so I took a screen cap of it. Here, you see Amy with bad hair smiling. To the left is an earlier shot of Amy playing the violin and then another to the right, of Amy on horseback. These are from a scrapbook it would appear. Packing so much information into a single shot that flies by is a brilliant stroke here. Amazing Amy was the perfect child, reared by two psychologist parents who wrote books about her they called Amazing Amy where the lead character saved the day, repeatedly teaching other imperfect kids how to do the right thing. She is the sum total of what today’s parents want their children to be, hope they will be, and order them up like designer clothing. It seems to me that this shot pretty much says it all. It’s brilliant.



The second shot shows faces up, hat down. There is less information here except how beautifully one shot can show a person’s state of mind. It reminds me of that shot in Strangers on a Train during the tennis match.

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  • Bebe

    Is Amy’s prom date Neil Patrick Harris?

  • Blake

    He is! He plays a friend from before she was married.

  • murtaza

    I seriously don’t see anything extraordinary here except for Sasha beginning to champion Gone Girl (as expected) unnecessarily.

    For me the news of the day is that Colin Farrell might star in True Detective season 2.

  • murtaza

    Not that Gone Girl would be bad, it looks good but seriously these photos don’t build any hype at all.

  • Chris

    Based on reading the book, I would say that Neil Patrick Harris could actually be a major threat to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. That’s all I will say about it for now lol.

  • Kat

    That’s a cello.


    I consider “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” the best movie of the past 5 years. Fincher is at the top of his game, I am convinced this movie will be a masterpiece.

  • her

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