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Backlash Proof: Boyhood Maintains High Score of 99, with 30 Critics Ringing In

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I keep reading people on Facebook marveling at the high score Boyhood is maintaining. This is inspiring people to want the movie not to be THAT good, ripe for backlash. The thing about it is that it is backlash proof. This movie is every bit as good, and maybe even better, than even the critics are saying it is. It seems to be melting the coldest of hearts.

While it true that many of the critic on Metacrtic I’ve never heard of – like, who are they? Where did they come from? Is their opinion more valuable than yours? Is any critic’s? They have the power to expand your experience of a film, perhaps, along with the conversation of film overall. They can help to elevate a filmmaker’s place in history, or else do more harm than good until enough time passes to render that critic’s voice a laugh riot. But in the end, their enthusiaism for Boyhood should do one thing and one thing only: motivate YOU to see it.

So you can’t really measure today’s Metacritic by the collection of voice from, say, five years ago. But what you can see from this score is that Boyhood has broad appeal and makes a profound impact on audiences.