Thor Woman

I am amazed that someone in the geek culture actually grew a pair of giant hairy balls to do THIS.  I have no choice but to bow down in gratitude. Well done, monsters, well done.  Thanks to Joe Leydon for the heads up.

Thor Woman


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  • alexwwm

    Shame this is just in the comics and not in the films when they inevitably reboot the character.

    Also she is now the 3rd woman to wield the hammer, Wonder Woman and Storm both did at one point.

  • Kane

    Actually many artists do stuff like this the world over. Popular comic character renditions are incredibly popular. Go to any convention, anime in my experience, and in the art section there will be plenty of this work.

  • Kane

    Whoops, didn’t realize this wasn’t just a random drawing but rather for a series of comics.

  • @Road2Oscars

    Does that make her Thora?

  • Koleś

    They switched a ripped dude for a busty babe. Now that’s progress.

    I’m wondering if the phrase “giant hairy balls” is supposed to be ironic?

  • Kane

    Hold on, Koles…there could be a ripped 6 pack under her armor.

  • Koleś

    You are right, Kane. And if there is one, I’m sure we’ll see it in a series of subtle close-ups.

  • steve50

    Better late than never, but isn’t it kind of like being invited to the buffet after dessert has been served? And in hand-me-downs, to boot?

  • Christophe

    Is it going to grow a beard and be called Conchi-Thor Wurst?

  • Q Mark

    Not to burst the bubble here, but having a ‘new’ version of a classic character is a regular occurrence in comic books. Heck, this wouldn’t even be the first alternate Thor to take over the title for a year or two — past storylines have bestowed the hammer and “Thor” powers to an alien (Beta Ray Bill) and an average joe architect (Eric Masterson, aka Thunderstrike). Plus, of course, the depiction of Hemsworth in the movies pretty much guarantees that the regular son of Odin will be back with Mjolnir within a year or two at the most.

    This being said, it’s still an interesting storyline and a way to draw new fans to the title. Heck, I myself started reading Thor comics when I was a kid because of the Masterson storyline — I’d avoided Thor since my young mind couldn’t grasp the slightly elevated language and tone, yet I could more easily grasp the fish-out-of-water idea of having Masterson suddenly with Thor’s powers. If a female Thor attracts new readers who wouldn’t have ordinarily been interested in the title, then Marvel is laughing all the way to the bank.

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