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Poll: Pick the 10 most likely Best Picture nominees

We’re 5 weeks away from Telluride, 6 weeks away from Toronto. Less than 45 days. As more of the top hopefuls for Best Picture are unveiled, the more we’ll be inveigled to start nailing down the locks. I love this time of year. Right now anything seems possible, the well of options is deep and wide. By next month the possibilities start to narrow, the pool of possibilities will begin to drain.

In the spirit of big-tent inclusiveness, here’s a list of nearly 40 buzzed-about films. The methodology here is simple (it’s so simple I wonder why Academy members can’t do it this way): Just tick the titles of the 10 films you expect to be nominated for Best Picture. The wheat with separate from the chaff, the cream will rise to the top. Of course right now we’re just guessing. But we’ll establish a base-line with this first swing, and then run the same poll again in a couple of months when more movies have come into focus.

(I’m sure I’ve forgotten some important movies, so just let us know what’s missing and I’ll insert anything that seems reasonable. The sooner you let me know, the better chance your suggestions be in play and not get frozen out.)

If this is fun and instructive for everyone, then we’ll build polls for all the top Oscar categories.

Please Pick Ten: