50 shades

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Beyonce sings a new version of her hit single, ‘Crazy in Love’ as Christian Grey and Anastacia Steele finally come to life in the first trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey.

Based on the erotic best selling trilogy by E.L James, the Fifty Shades erotic books have sold millions, tapping into repressed female sexuality – or pretending to, anyway. The book was originally Twilight fan fiction but took on a life of its own, seeming to speak for female sexuality in total. In truth, it speaks only to some of it, not all. The film stars Jamie Dornan as billionaire Grey and Dakota Johnson plays Steele, a college student. It’s directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. It will probably make major bank.

Watch the trailer below:

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  • twirly

    Has an insane deja vu look and energy of basic instinct 2 trailer.
    Part of the whole mystique of this phenomenon was the privacy and women reading something taboo in PRIVATE . It will make some bank but not too much.
    Looks an absolute mess. Perhaps the movie might be better than the story on paper (i don’t wanna say novel)
    All the best, nexxxxxt!

  • Bryce Forestieri

    There were a couple of shots where I though that guy looked damn hot, but overall it looks like utter trash and what’s even worse, boring.

    Didn’t Gus Van Sant want to direct this? They should have let him. I bet he was tickled by the prospect of elevating this junk and wanted to get back to that mischievous transgressor that went after TO DIE FOR – because otherwise I don’t know, give it Adrian Lyne… or Paul Verhoeven.

  • casey

    there is no way this will be half as good as basic instinct 2

  • steve50
  • Josh

    I think the guy is gorgeous. Even thought so when he was playing the serial killer in the BBC show The Fall…which is FANTASTIC by the way and everyone should watch it.

    Movie looks bad

  • murtaza

    I hate the novel, and i had no anticipation for the movie, but seeing the trailer at least makes me want to watch it once. And yes the Unrated version of the movie. I know it would suck because the source material is a mess, but still.
    However, the cinematography really sucks, i expected the film to have real tense, dark and haunting look.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    steve50, any use of Tahar Rahim to comparatively make *anything else in the world* look less “appealing” is a mild form of cheating!


  • Andre

    Grand Central also happens to be a really good film. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

  • Andre

    I said this on another website, but I’ll repeat it here because I still laugh at this…

    My mum got the book for Christmas. A third of the way through she said “THIS is what turns girls on today? Jeez no wonder you can’t find a decent girlfriend”.

    Then she gave the book away.

  • Glenn UK

    Got to be said, if you want to see this guy at his sexiest best then watch The Fall with Gillian Anderson. Season two begins in a couple of weeks in the UK and it can’t come quick enough! The best British TV in years!

  • I may… just may check it out only for Jamie Dornan. 😀

  • Al Robinson

    I liked Dakota Johnson in The Social Network. I’m glad he’s already doing Gone Girl, but too bad he’s not directing 50 Shades of Grey. I think then we might be putting it in possible Oscar contention next year…. maybe.

  • Al Robinson

    Ack, I didn’t realize Sam Taylor-Johnson was female. I’m glad more women are getting chances.

  • Kane

    Oh shit, Al…Fincher doing 50 Shades…that would be something to see. Hell that might be the only way I’d see it in theaters!

  • Al Robinson

    “Oh shit, Al…Fincher doing 50 Shades…that would be something to see. Hell that might be the only way I’d see it in theaters!”

    Kane, your reaction is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote my comment. I think more people would want to see it if Fincher was directing. Thank you for that Kane. 🙂

  • Kane

    Ok now I’m trying to imagine my favorite directors making 50 Shades…
    Fincher…I’d pay good money to see it. Cool, detached and slightly dangerous.
    Danny Boyle…fast and frenetic sex scenes. Split screens…with a score by A.R. Rahman. I might laugh a lot.
    Christopher Nolan…humorless, incredibly topical, shot in IMAX, Michael Caine cameo.
    Paul Thomas Anderson…single take sex scenes, main character unhinged, crazy creepy Jonny Greenwood music.
    Darren Aronofsky…not sure actually. I’d be intrigued.
    Kelly Reichardt…low budget and gritty. More about atmosphere than dialogue.
    Spike Jonze…approaches the bondage scenes with wide-eyed enthusiastic wonderment.

  • Al Robinson

    Wow, Spike Jonze doing bondage! Hmm…… 🙂

    Would definitely be interesting.

  • m1

    I actually liked this trailer, and I’m not even the target audience for this movie. Great choice of song, too.

    Now I need to watch Nowhere Boy on Netflix to see what Sam Taylor-Johnson will bring to this.

  • Al Robinson

    Heck, maybe David Lynch could have come out of retirement to direct this. I just re-watched Mulholland Drive last night, and I could picture Fifty Shades of Grey directed by Lynch. Although, I’m not sure Lynch would have wanted to direct it. Still though.

  • Rob Y

    At one time Alexander Skarsgård’s name was passed around. THAT would have been interesting. The rest of this looks . . . meh.

  • Al Robinson

    Or Heck, Pedro Almodovar.

    Sería muy sensual. La relación se realizaría plenamente.

  • Natasha

    Darnit Kane, you’re making me wonder about OTHER directors, too! It COULD get funny…or weird…or bad…..or any or all of those.

    A resurrected Stanley Kubrick
    The Coen Bros.
    The Wachowskis
    Spike Lee
    Kathryn Bigelow
    Woody Allen
    A resurrected Alfred Hitchcock
    Steven Spielberg
    Quentin Tarantino
    David Lynch
    Nicolas Winding Refn
    Ang Lee
    Angelina Jolie
    Barbra Streisand
    Jane Campion

  • Kane

    M1, Nowhere Boy is very Beatles-lite since it’s more about a very young John Lennon. It’s still a very good movie though!

    Natasha, that’s a great list of directors…I’ll try some more. Can ya tell I’m bored in my office today?

    Kubrick…a billion takes of the sex scenes, Gray would stare into the camera for minutes while :ahem:…Beethoven’s 5th plays.
    Spielberg…all slow motion, basically that sex scene in Munich.
    Winding Refn…bold lighting with hard solid colors. I think he’d go Lars von Trier territory.

    And I’m spent. My mind has gone to strange places thinking of all that!

  • Al Robinson

    Does Spielberg even do sex (scenes)?

  • This trailer…. this Christian …. yummy!

  • This movie will make at least 100 million at the box office despite being critically panned. Too many readers have invested their time in the trilogy to miss out on this film – maybe just the first one.

    I cannot wait!

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Sure, it’s a “good trailer” if you must have such considerations, but WHIPLASH just climbed several spots up my list of anticipated films for what’s left of ’14.


  • John Oliver

    From the trailer, it seems to be faithful to the book.

  • Scott

    Why are people so down on movies about sex? If a less attractive actor were in the lead I bet the film would get a lot more slack. Jamie Dornan is hot and the film looks cool and crisp and seductive. It could be very erotic and so few films even attempt the subject. To top it off it is directed by a female Brit. Sam Taylor-Wood will bring a different sensibility to the project and she just may pull it off. Come on Sasha, let’s champion the lady a bit.

  • Too many readers have invested their time in the trilogy to miss out on this film – maybe just the first one.

    When I saw Magic Mike, the audience was 90% women and they arrived in groups of 5 or 6 or more, like street gangs. This will be like that.

    It’s the movie equivalent of those Gevalia coffee book-club commercials.

  • Al Robinson

    Damn! You’re right Bryce, Whiplash’s new trailer looks amazing. I can’t wait to see this as well.

  • Al Robinson

    Ryan, I saw Magic Mike in theaters as well, with my two friends Amy and Julia. Indeed, like the audience you saw it with, most of the audience I saw it with was women.

  • m1

    I have a couple of directors:

    Tom Hooper-lots of close-ups and wide-angle shots, a couple of musical numbers

    Terrence Malick-lots of nature scenery intercut with the sex scenes

    Richard Linklater-lots of improvised dialogue with a lot of talk about love and aging in the bedroom

    Sofia Coppola-very dream-like, flashy visuals, bits of unexpected humor sprinkled throughout (actually she might have done a great job with this)

  • Al Robinson

    Picturing Terrence Malick directing Fifty Shades of Grey is like trying to picture Garth Brooks playing jazz music.

  • steve50

    Andre get the “post of the day” – your poor mother!

    M1, somehow the thought of Tom Hooper directing a sex scene kind of gives me the creeps.

  • “When I saw Magic Mike, the audience was 90% women and they arrived in groups of 5 or 6 or more, like street gangs. This will be like that.

    It’s the movie equivalent of those Gevalia coffee book-club commercials.”


    I can’t stop watching this trailer. That face…. that body…them eyes…that voice

    no, I aint talking about no steele LOL!!! Sigh, please be nice critics! Yes, writing is bad, get over it, obviously that’s not the focus or popularity.

  • The Last 5 Years, added.

    Thanks, Joey, Glenn UK, Clayton.

  • Niles

    It looks like another stupid Twilight movie

  • m1

    I wonder what the Baz Luhrmann version of Fifty Shades of Grey would look like.

  • I love the sultry and sexy and ariusing upadte of crazy in love. Beyonce did this right!!!!!! This movie should be rated xxx

  • Nick

    Well the two leads are quite attractive. Other than that not much else going for it.

  • JPNS Viewer

    For kicks, I could see the following directors sharing their visions in an alternate universe:

    – David Lynch
    – Gus Van Sant (I first saw Bryce’s comment and somehow it got me thinking about what Gus Van Sant would have done; so, 1/3 of my Kudos bar, vanilla with sugar on top, goes to him as well (the rest, I’ll eat it myself).)
    – David Fincher (I’m talking about the dark tone, to begin with.)
    – Some Japanese B-flick directors (They are familiar with the theme, almost like their second nature; and those […] devices [also in a figurative sense] used — bondage, etc. — would have been employed in such unique ways that make the West go wild, for better or worse: this much is true.)
    Et al.

    Someone’s also mentioned Spike Jonze in their comments. I could imagine those two main characters getting into each other’s brain, literally, in Jonze’s version [lol]. But in the end, the guy (the character) would most likely have fallen in love with his own laptop instead, methinks.

    ([July 24, 2014 12:21 pm AD US time] Enjoyed Kane’s imagination and description of what Boyle and Nolan, in particular, could have done had they been involved. He’s really captured the twain’s most recent somewhat signatory style. Kudos (to Kane).)

  • Natasha

    Okay–so I had a bit of free time:

    A resurrected Stanley Kubrick—sex scenes in slow motion to the sounds of Wagner, Strauss, Beethoven. Critics would pan it, comparing it unfavorably to Eyes Wide Shut. Toward the end there would be an inexplicable scene where the lead characters have aged fifty years and are walking around an empty room where everything is in chrome, and there is no dialogue. Roll credits.
    The Coen Bros.–there would be debate amongst the critics as to whether the finished product was meant to be a satire with “odd characters” or if this is one of those times the brothers actually played it straight and safe. Film just does miss being nominated for Best Pic.
    The Wachowskis–would find any and every reason to set it in some futuristic dystopia.
    Spike Lee–would recast the entire thing multiculturally. Controversy ensues between fans of the book claiming Lee is taking too many liberties although the author of the actual book support Lee’s “artistic vision.”
    Kathryn Bigelow—would somehow find a way to make the screenplay and movie WAY better than the book–flick becomes a “defining moment” in women’s sexual liberation around the world.
    Woody Allen–there would be all this witty banter BEFORE the sex and then AFTER the sex but the sex itself would be mostly offscreen.
    A resurrected Alfred Hitchcock–film is deliberately shot in black and white with a platinum blonde Scarlett Johanssen and Channing Tatum–who rocks that 50’s buzzcut well.
    Steven Spielberg–as more and more layers of Grey’s world are revealed, the female protagonist stares wide eyed and wide mouthed at everything while an overblown John Williams score plays in the background.
    Quentin Tarantino—there would be all this witty banter before and after the sex like Woody Allen, but there would also be witty banter DURING the sex, which is shot in a way that challenges even an NC-17 rating. All the banter (aka dialogue) is very blunt albeit a satire regarding S and M issues. The result is always a few people walking out of screening because they are highly offended, don’t get it, or both.
    David Lynch–would film the entire thing as a surreal dream sequence but the violence of the S and M would be shocking. Some people leave these screenings too.
    Nicolas Winding Refn–casts Ryan Gosling in it–is not afraid to make the S and M more “gory” that what you usually see. Lots of 80s-retro-sounding music.
    Ang Lee–gets Emma Thompson to adapt the screenplay somehow but films the entire thing in Mandarin Chinese. Brilliant, it gets eight academy award nominations including a win for best foreign film.
    Angelina Jolie–in an ironic twist, casts Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston in it. Rumors begin to swirl about a rekindling of the Pitt/Aniston romance
    Barbra Streisand—does the entire soundtrack for it as well as directing it. Songs include a show stopping number about sexual self discovery.
    Jane Campion–turns it into a period film which therefore takes the sex and the relationship in general into being seen as more “risque and groundbreaking” and even more ahead of its time in terms of how women might have responded to sex ‘back then.’ Best Actress Award goes to Rooney Mara at the Oscars.

  • I hope Jarmie Dornan stays true to Christian Grey. I hope he knows how to whip – HARD.


  • Lucas

    Say what you will… The trailer is perfectly edited. The musical beat as the elevator doors close on Anastacia’s eyes is sublime. So what if the books are trash? I don’t think anyone’s selling high art here… Nothing wrong with selling well-made softcore, either. I think part of being in film culture is, and it’s simply an opinion, of course, accepting that one must not judge everything by the standards of different kinds of cinema.

    What makes one a snob is when one trashes something simply because it isn’t something else. I’ve never read the books (and don’t plan to) but, eh, the trailer hooked me, and the new remix of Crazy in Love is fantastic.

    I just don’t understand why we must bash something simply because it seemingly exists to be bashed.

    The same thing happened with the Twilight movies…. Color me a mere peon or groundling upon admitting I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment (love the ending too)…..

    I guess it’s too bad Fifty Shades wasn’t made in Romania with unknown actors and a run-time over 150 minutes with an open-ended ending and 20-minute long ovations to silence and gray walls.

    Sometimes, reading the comments here, that’s all I imagine y’all who frequent the site seem to truly enjoy or “appreciate”.

    Anyway, I’ll be going now….. Thought I’d throw some contrarian perspective.

    Here’s something we can all agree on: Clouds of Sils Maria is #1 on my Most Looking Forward To Watching, especially after that gorgeous trailer posted here not too long ago. Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche is a pairing I never asked for and never imagined I’d want more of and more of right NOW!!

  • Amen Lucas, amen! Its safe to assume by now that the many people who decides to go see this movie in theater is not going to focus on the “bad” writing from the book. They are hooked on something else, obviously. Uh… hello! Uh oh uh oh uh NO NO!!! This trailer is all nasty and naughty. #love

    aye, you got twitter?

  • Lucas

    Hey, yes in fact I do have a twitter, not that it’s very interesting or anything. But here it is: http://www.twitter.com/zazabrotherhood

    Thanks for not bashing. 😉

  • What a terrible shame that “Ben & Kate” got axed. I liked Dakota Johnson in that. And then maybe she would not have felt the need to audition for this. Or maybe that’s the way she wanted her career to go. None of my business. 🙂

  • It doesn’t really matter who directs it. You can’t polish a turd.

  • Kane

    Joey, yes you can. A turd can be thoroughly polished. It’ll still stink to high hell but it’ll be polished. Once I watched Eat Pray Love and I immediately said, after finishing, “It’s a piece of shit disguised as a cupcake.” It looked pretty, it tried really hard to be good but it just wasn’t. I wish this movie the best in the world, I like Sam Taylor-Johnson. A good director like her would not have come aboard something like this unless she had a vision to bring so I am intrigued to see the initial reaction. But I will admit, I never watch porn for the stories.

    What have I created…
    Godfrey Reggio…ominous organ music and Tuvan throat singing plays over super slow-motion sex. Cut to a volcano erupting, a building crumbles, a chicken hatches.
    Gaspar Noe…they have sex, lighting goes ethereal and they ascend upwards into the air and have sex again. All in one take.
    James Cameron…digital environment with mo-cap actors. He shoots one actor humping the floor, then shoots the other acting like she’s being humped. Edits them together. 400 million dollar budget, money shot in 3D alone costs 14 mil, Celine Dion sings “My Hump Will Go On”
    Paul Greengrass…They have sex during a firefight, camera being super shaky + bed being even more shaky = audience throws up everywhere.
    Tom Hooper…every shot, every moment is in the bottom left corner of the frame.
    Terrence Malick…Steele twirls in a field, Gray follows and watches her for 8 days. Steele gets tired of twirling, sprains her ankle. Gray narrates about the spiritual beauty of a “rosebud”, they start to have sex, Malick sees a butterfly and starts filming it instead.

  • steve50

    I’m truly loving these alternate versions done imagined for other directors. Shows what an astute bunch of readers AD has.

    Perhaps we’re being hard on 50 Shades, I don’t think anyone is expecting anything other than a teasing diversion.

    My dream director? Sam Peckinpah: Graphic, slow motion, “bullets” flying in all directions.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “The same thing happened with the Twilight movies…. Color me a mere peon or groundling upon admitting I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment (love the ending too)…..”

    I didn’t love it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the first one too, I found it morbidly hilarious with spot-on casting. I even wrote a few lines of appreciation for Catherine Hardwicke and proclaimed her genius remained all over the franchise’s DNA long after she was gone. Fantastic world-building. If it happens to be on FX or something and I’m not alone, I’ll leave it on to hate-watch because, unlike a dead fish like DIVERGENT, the thing is full of personality. I share several of your complaints about some of AD’s readership’s tedious narrow-mindedness, but you have to admit this comment section is head and shoulders above all other awards sites’. If you haven’t seen, I highly recommend the superior BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, and by the way, to my mind the best YA adaptation of ’14 remains not FAULT IN OUR STARS but VAMPIRE ACADEMY. Both of these recommendation are so good that both snobs and tweens failed to appreciate their greatness — only true cineastes did. Now you might be right -and I hope you turn out to be- in that 50 SHADES might end up being garbage as essential as Daniel’s PAPERBOY or Kalin’s SAVAGE GRACE, high praise indeed.

  • Natasha – Nicely done

  • Lucas

    “I highly recommend the superior BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, and by the way, to my mind the best YA adaptation of ’14 remains not FAULT IN OUR STARS but VAMPIRE ACADEMY.”

    I TRIED so HARD to get into Beautiful Creatures but I just could not with the male lead (whose name escapes me, but who played basically his BC’s character’s evil twin in Stoker and got a sweet fucking death for it). Female lead reminded me a lot of Emma Stone (def could play sisters, I reckon). Emma Thompson was aces as the campy villain, and Jeremy Irons was wonderful as always (the scene where he taints the male lead’s mind and causes him to transform his future plans into a bleak and hopeless existence was both hilarious and original). MVP goes to Emmy Rossum, though. Had she had more to do aside from the dinner scene, I may have actually thought the film would’ve gelled a lot more than it did.

    By the way, The Paperboy and Savage Grace are perfect. Love them both to pieces (the latter especially). Still think it’s Julianne’s most underrated performance. Wrote a thesis paper on Savage and Ma Mere (that detestable, nasty little Huppert-Garrel mother-son vehicle) for my Psychoanalysis class in college, actually. That’s how much I love it. Hahahaha!

  • g

    Brilliant work everyone on your dream directors for making the movie. I’ve been laughing for 10 minutes straight reading all of them!

  • Natasha

    @Kane–hilarious! Not familiar with Reggio or Noe but now you have me intrigued.

    In one thing, I would add a LOT to the Cameron version. In his version, Cameron would cast Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, but no one would tell him that the two used to date and now hate each other because one of them had an affair outside of the relationship. When Cameron finally finds out, he runs around yelling making everyone “work together anyhow since we all need to be professional here.” In the few breaks that Cameron allows the cast and crew, he would walk around with his Best Pic Oscar saying “I’m the king of the world!!!!!” After the five million takes for every sex scene, Stewart would be so repulsed by the mere sight of Pattinson toward the end of the filming that she has a Pavlovian reaction of vomiting every time he walks into a room. However, Cameron has enough material from those last few scenes to edit around the inconvenience and finish the film anyhow.

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