So far, 2014 has been a pretty good year for women at the box office, particularly in the children’s movie department. Maleficent and Frozen have become worldwide phenomenons, while Shailene Woodley took the number one box office twice so far this year. There was also The Other Woman, which is your typical box office power house studios think only women will pay to see.

In a recent data report by the MPAA, women are shown to have the edge in buying tickets. Presumably, these are either women paying for their families or their children – possibly even their dates. Half of the population are girls, of course, yet Hollywood continually churns out films with a central male lead (the default that appeals to both men and women).

The critics didn’t like Lucy but that didn’t stop it from taking the weekend.

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  • Kane

    Lucy sits at 61 on Metacritic. For a movie with that premise I’m surprised it’s in the green (score wise)

  • Natasha

    I was hoping you would report this statistic, Sasha 🙂

  • John

    The reviews are not that bad, actually.

  • Eoin Daly

    I’m just glad Scarlett Johansson between her marvel work and Lucy is being repected again. Of course her performances in Her and Under the Skin are spectacular but it is nice to see an actress like Johansson who started years ago as a teenager and now she is a women proving why females being leads is getting more and more not a story as they multiple because I feel once it is a not a number of female lead films owning the box office is when we have crossed over into the positive for me.

  • Cameron

    Maybe it didn’t get a great score because it’s not that good!

  • CB

    Remember, a strong female who’s a character is not necessarily a strong female character. If I were an actress, I’d prefer Charlize Theron’s role in ‘Monster’ over Jessica Chastain’s glorified Law & Order character in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ any day. It’s nice that women-starrers are doing nicely, but are their characters anything more than action figures made of flesh and bones or rom-com paint-by-numbers jaunts?

  • I just got home from seeing it. It was amazeballs. I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone else says. 2014 is already a much better year at the movies in my eyes than 2013. I never ended up thinking anything last year was that great. Every other time I see a film this year I love it. I have to refurbish my 2014 backwards list but when I do I think LUCY’s going to be on top. (er, um, the bottom)

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