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Last week at Comic-Con Quentin Tarantino confessed that he’s stopped throwing a fit about the leaked script for The Hateful Eight and decided he’ll go ahead and film the damned thing anyway. The new poster seems to hint that the story might contain some violence? The poster also announces that The Hateful Eight will get a special Roadshow Release in Cinemascope — just like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Paint Your Wagon got. Because as we know, just like 3D and Smell-o-Vision, Cinemascope has a proven history of making movies automatically better. (Name 10 of the 200 movies shot in Cinemascope that aren’t junk and I’ll give you an extra-wide m e r i t b a d g e).

A few months ago at Cannes, Tarantino failed to scare very many people by proclaiming “The Sky Is Falling!” “Digital Projection Is The Death Of Cinema,”* so it’s good to see Quentin Is Here To Rescue Cinema with a big gimmick event like a Roadshow Theatrical Release! It’ll be just like 1952! Kewl!

*(no kidding, he really said this: “Digital projection is the death of cinema. The fact that most films aren’t presented in 35mm means that the world is lost.”

I wouldn’t make up a crazy quote like that. He actually said that shit out loud and people wrote it down as if it meant anything.)

Nobody tell Tarantino about how charging twice as much for a ticket to see movie in a special super-duper format is The Chronic Illness of Cinema. He gets angry so easy these days. Violently angry.

Hateful Eight

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  • Chris138

    That poster looks like a leftover from the marketing for Django Unchained.

  • Alec

    Off topic but Interstellar’s trailer from Comic Con is online. Looks amazing. Could be a huge contender.


  • Alec

    I look forward to seeing this, especially if the cast is similar to when they did the read-through. I am a fan of his films, although I wish he would make a movie set in the present day again. I think Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown are his best films and would love to see his take on present day matters and culture.

  • Watermelons

    If Quentin were genuine or serious about his commitment to 35mm film, he would be producing more pictures involving legendary Oscar-winning screen icon Kate ‘the Great’ Winslet (The Reader, Flushed Away). Such efforts would enlarge and further develop humanity’s filmic memory of 21st century cinema’s most vital participant. With cinema’s dying breath, remind the world the importance of Now.


  • “Digital projection is the death of cinema. The fact that most films aren’t presented in 35mm means that the world is lost.”

    So he knew the world was lost before this Gaza shit, and the Ukraine plane tragedy, and the coming Ebola pandemic? Wow. I knew he was brilliant but I had no idea he had the gift of prophecy. *bows down to QT*

    Can’t wait for The Hateful Eight! Assuming we live that long.

  • JPNS Viewer with la Royale with Cheese

    “The Hateful Eight has some blood on it”

    Nice title.

    ‘“Digital projection is the death of cinema. The fact that most films aren’t presented in 35mm means that the world is lost.”’

    I remember spotting it on YouTube. At this foreign (non-UK, non US) film event, he spoke more or less at length with a relatively rambling speech, even seemingly stumbling upon his words a bit (if you look at it from a native speaker’s viewpoint, especially from a professional writer’s; unfortunately in this case, I’m not one of them).

    I like this sample poster.
    I hadn’t been born in the 60s yet but I fancy the oldie feels of it, not to mention the red blood stains, the image of one lonely horse carriage in shadow rushing somewhere as if on the run or something . . . .

    Anyway, I’m going to sound as if being nitpicky or even cynical. But, to my heart, for one once to have said to the effect that he was not going to make a film out of #it anymore, finally to end up eating one’s own words in a sense, swallowing one’s pride, well . . . .
    (I feel for him when the script leaked, given that, to my knowledge, it was supposed to reach but insiders, a small circle of friends and those involved. It was like being betrayed, stolen, etc. So, when he once said he was not going to make this movie, I understood his anger and resolution. But as much as I’d like to check out this new piece from this one of my favorite English-speaking writers-directors, it’s just . . . .) I don’t want to sound like a com or a radical socialist (. . . because I am not). I’m going to see it; . . . it is just the way things seem to be dealt with in our material world these days.

    Sorry for sounding as if ranting — just a level talk in truth (if you heard my voice and tone).

  • Koleś
  • Rob Y


    I am sooooo glad that I can find solace in your disdain for Tarantino.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I love the poster. I hope Kurt Russel has a substantial and crucial role in the story! By my calculation this only got “delayed” about 6 months. Originally, I suppose, it was probably going to be ready for/by Cannes ’15. But it was going to get a December release date anyways, so nothing changed?

  • Aaron B

    I agree that his comments about the death of cinema are ridiculous, but I think it would be awesome to see a new release in Cinemascope, gimmick or not.

  • Glenn UK

    Sorry but there hasn’t been any updates when I access AwardsDaily for over a week. Am I doing something wrong in this new format???? HEEEELLLPPPPPP!!!!! Here’s hoping that everyone has just gone on holiday/vacation at the same time!!!!!!

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