The Weinstein Company released two photos from Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, starring Adams as Margaret Keane. Keane was a painter, famous for painting children with big eyes. Christoph Waltz plays her husband, Walter. Big Eyes is a true story, and we all know how the Academy love biopics.
The first photo shows Adams as Keane by a painting, the second photo shows Waltz and Adams. Take a look at the photos below:
big-eyes-picture-1 big-eyes-picture-2
Big Eyes is set to open on December 25.
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  • Jordan

    These quotes from Adams give me hope that the film will focus on how strong a female Keane was.

    “Margaret really believed that as a woman, people would not buy her art,” says Adams, who donned a stylish blond bob wig to play the part. Walter “convinced her the life they were able to lead was because the artist was a man, who could sell more art at a higher price than a woman.”

  • Trance

    Her wig looks disastrous. This didn’t test well during screenings, so I’m not expecting much.

  • Chance

    Anyone else notice that whenever Tim Burton only seems to find blondes sexual or relatable? His brunettes are always the twisted ones.

  • K. Bowen

    The wig is a disaster. But the thing I’m really is this:

    Is Amy Adams really a star?

    She’s been in hit movies. But she’s never really been the focal point. So we’ll see.

  • Jon

    Is Amy Adams a star? Is that a serious question? Yes.

  • Manuel

    This. Looks. Boring

  • The Great Dane

    Adams is a unique Oscar story.

    She is perhaps the only five-time-nominated actor or actress EVER in history where most of the general population still goes “who?” when you say their name.

    Considering how many nominations she’s had, it’s amazing that she’s not a bigger star OR a more household name. Most “normal” people just don’t know who she is. It’s really a very weird case of “stardom” when it comes to Amy Adams.

    She is THE MOST NOMINATED ACTOR in the last ten years (along with Meryl Streep – five each). So it’s just weird she isn’t a bigger name than she actually is.

    Every time I tell people about Amy Adams and how many Oscar nominations she’s had and which films she’s been in, people are just shocked. Either they don’t know her, or they haven’t noticed her or they think she’s Isla Fisher. Outside our little award-geek universe she still seems to be somewhat invisible.

    So strange.

  • K. Bowen

    Unless I’ve forgotten something, she’s really only been the top-bill lead in one hit – Enchanted. Admittedly, I use a pretty strict definition of star. I would say that Adams is around the top of the B-list, but certainly not A-List. At least not until she shows it by carrying a hit film. Which this gives her the opportunity to do.

  • Eric

    The Fighter.
    The Master.
    Without looking at the stats, I bet all four of these can’t combine for the earnings of what American Hustle did.

    That’s why general audiences don’t know of her well.

    With that, can’t wait for what this has to bring.

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