“A young woman joins the military to be part of something bigger than herself and her small town roots. But she ends up as a new guard at Guantanamo Bay instead, where her mission is far from black and white. Surrounded by hostile jihadists and aggressive squadmates, she strikes up an unusual friendship with one of the detainees. A story of two people, on opposite sides of a war, struggling to find their way through the ethical quagmire of Guantanamo Bay. And in the process, they form an unlikely bond that changes them both.”

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  • RobMiles


  • Hum

    I don’t think she has many chances for this movie. This performance will be more like an upgrade on the chances for her performance in Sils Maria, which is the movie where her legit chances are.

  • Robtard

    Uhhh yes!!!
    Still pressed robtard fans…hehehehe

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “Best Actress Watch”? Did you accidentally pull up some sort of fill-in template?

  • Rob Y

    I’m impressed that KS is doing rolls completely opposite to Twilight. I will keep an open mind with this, as I will for Pattenson in Maps.



  • Scott Hildebrand

    She’s got an excellent track record of amazing performances if you discount Twilight. I definitely see her having a shot at an Oscar in the future.

  • Miriam

    I’ve never seen the Twi-mess but she’s wonderful in all the films I’ve seen her in (Runaways, Into the Wild, Adventureland, On the Road). I’ll never understand the hate she gets online when critics are constantly saying she’s one of the best actresses of her age group. I can understand the hate for her personal choices, but not her acting ability. This trailer looks great.

  • diana

    Can’t wait to see this movie. My friends saw this at Sundance and said Kristen was amazing and had a standing ovation after the movie. I hope this gets enough award buzz for a nomination.

  • Joanne

    Too early for her to get it after the twilight, but I can see it soon. Like really soon, if she keeps doing this. But she has been amazing in all of her movies tho(other than twilight, of course). And now she is even more amazing, she gets amazing reviews in COSM (with big director) and Camp X Ray (with the very fresh director). Unlike Pattinson who only has interest in movies with famous directors. She does it differently. But they are both doing a good job after twilight

  • keifer

    I’ll be skipping this movie altogether. The subject matter alone just turns me off.

    And as for KS? She’s in that Lindsay Lohan League of incompetent young actresses if you ask me.

  • Sometimes Sasha lets me reword headlines of things that she posts and sometimes Sasha rewords headlines of things that I post. This post is my byline, Sasha’s headline.

    If Sandra Bullock can win an Oscar for The Blind Side, then anything can qualify as “Best Actress Watch”

  • Hmm

    Nice backhand to Stewart, Ryan Adams. Lol. For the record, having seen Welcome to The Riley’s, I think she’s a very fine actress, no excuses needed.

  • Hmm, Not intended as a backhand at all. On the contrary. I’m only trying to say: the headline isn’t my wording but I stand up for anyone watching any actress they feel is worth watching for Best Actress.

  • Hawkeye

    Whoa, pretty big typo in that headline.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I thought this was Sasha’s post, Ryan, but you know I’m just playing. I can’t be bothered to even read the author’s name anymore, Ken Turan would dub me a “slacker”.

    Now kind of off-topic, but I need some assistance. I’m trying to put together a little BIG CHILL-viewing get together with some friends and I’m trying put together a nice slate of 2-3 not-so-obvious yet similar titles. Anyways, for the life of me I cannot remember or figure out the name of a film.

    I only remember vague specifics, but I sure hope someone here is familiar. It’s about a group of Yale alumni who con convene at this girls house. The host is part of the group of course, but I believe she has married a local who they refer to as a “townie” — so the movie is set in New Haven? I remember one of them is gay. That’s pretty much all I remember, I must have seen it as a kid because I can’t even come up with any of the actors’ names. If you happen to know what I’m talking about, I’ll appreciate your help.

  • Al Robinson

    Bryce, it’s not Mystic Pizza is it?

  • Natasha

    My hunch is the Sils Maria movie if anything this year–not this–but do I think Kristen Stewart is worth watching including in terms of Oscar Watch? Yes. Do I think she is worth watching in general? Absolutely.

  • Al Robinson

    Nevermind, I’m sure I’m wrong.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Al, no but that’s a good one with the school connection. The film I’m talking is about a group of graduates and takes itself way too seriously. Probably more recent too. Hopefully someone’s seen in.

  • Al Robinson

    Bryce, I’m hoping someone does, so that way I can find out too. Now I’m curious. 🙂

  • Al Robinson

    I can’t remember if St. Elmo’s Fire was Yale graduates.

  • Al Robinson

    Of course, that one was released even earlier than Mystic Pizza. So, that’s probably not it either.

  • Al Robinson

    Geez, I’m WAY OFF. In St. Elmo’s Fire, they graduated for Georgetown. Ha ha! 🙂

  • Al Robinson

    I think you’re referring to The Skulls.

  • Al Robinson

    “Luke McNamara (Joshua Jackson) is a student with aspirations to become a lawyer. A “townie” who grew up on the “wrong side of the tracks”, he did well enough in school to attend college on a scholarship where he is a champion rower. His best friends at college are his love interest Chloe (Leslie Bibb), and Will (Hill Harper) who is the coxswain of the Bulldog 8’s rowing team of which Luke is the captain (at the victory party for the 8’s, Chloe is revealed to come from a wealthy family which is why Luke is reluctant to reveal his feelings for her). Luke’s friendships hit the rocks when he is invited to join a secret society known as “The Skulls”. After Luke passes the first part of the initiation process, he has a falling out with Will when the latter realizes that Luke has become a Skull.”

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Haha that’s an even better one! But nope. I’ve been searching for keywords but I just don’t remember details. I hope it’s not a super obscure TV-movie. But I think it takes place during a couple of days, maybe a weekend. I think I can safely categorize it as a “reunion movie”. If only I could place one actor.

  • RedSoxNation

    This movie looks intriguing and I’m excited to see it. Admittedly, though, the idea of Stewart having to campaign makes me smile. She seems so awkward in any PR interview that I’m oddly interested in seeing how she handles any Oscar buzz.

    Off-topic but is The LEGO Movie ineligible for best animated feature because of its last l10 minutes? It’s one of the best reviewed movies this year and I thought it was a shoo-in for a nomination but now I’m wondering about its eligibility.

  • Al Robinson

    Yeah, I have absolutely no idea either. You might be on an island right now Bryce. 🙂

    But I know how you feel. I’ll have that itch in my mind I can’t scratch, and it sucks so bad!

  • Krisbian De Pattinson

    kristen es simplemente la mejor


  • RobMiles

    I was slightly drunk when I wrote that. I actually don’t mind Kristen Stewart, I wasn’t having a go at her personally. I just don’t think she has a chance with this film.

  • Courtney obrien

    Kristen stewart is a powerful actress and should definatley win the Oscar. She has proven so much over the past year and shows that in her up coming film “clouds of sips Maria ” she is a powerful and talented actress

  • Joey

    People can complain about Kristen Stewart all they want. She’s a good actress. It will take time for people to disassociate her from Twilight, and it’s unfortunate that she gets so much crap. People think they’re clever by bashing her.

  • K. Bowen

    Sasha, you are aware there are only five slots in Best Actress, right? Because right now you’re championing about 21 candidates.

  • right now you’re championing about 21 candidates.

    Right now we’re looking at lots of possibilities. By my count, far fewer than 21. I don’t see how posting a trailer counts as “championing.”

    K. Bowen, you know what “champion” means, right? You are aware you’re using the word incorrectly, right?

    Wait till you see the FYC ads start appearing all over Hollywood in a couple of months. You’re going to wonder if the studios are aware if there are 5 slots in lots and lots of categories.

    Just think of the fun you’ll have reminding everybody about the five-slots thing then!

  • lourdes

    la mejor actriz……… ella en sus anteriores peliculas como …. habla…. y otras…. tenia que ya haber gano un oscar hermosa y talentosa mi pequeña KRIS

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Someone ought to ban this K-Stew commenters in Spanish. It’s really rude. Speak English!

    Nadie la va perdonar nunca. Sepanlo.

  • Al Robinson

    Bryce, supongo que no les importa hablar español, siempre y cuando su permanencia en el tema. Pero sí, estoy de acuerdo contigo. 🙂

  • Al Robinson

    Ah, I don’t think the Google Translate works in reverse. I wrote in English to translate into Spanish. But when I put the Spanish back in to translate back into English to make sure what I wrote makes sense, it no longer does. Oh well…

    As for Kristen Stewart, I’d be okay with her getting a nomination, as long as her performance is worthy.

  • Al Robinson

    Okay, nevermind Bryce. I’m starting to wonder if all these spanish comments are spam.

  • Maddie

    Kristen is a wonderful actress! love her..

  • Nane

    Kristen is the best actrees of our generation.. she’s just the best actrees and most real person in hollywood! I can not wait to see the movie.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Al, are you fluent(ish) in Spanish?

  • Al Robinson

    Bryce, I used to be. I went to an elementary school that taugh completely in Spanish. But, after 7th grade, I continued my education in English only. I remember quite a bit though, but I admit, I have forgotten more than I can remember. Spanish is such a beautiful language. 🙂

  • Yves

    Two minutes and 18 seconds I’ll never get back. Sorry I watched.

  • David

    Kristen Stewart will never get an acting nomination in her career. Same for Ben Affleck..

  • keifer

    If Kristen Stewart is the best actress of her generation, there’s hope for every ape in Africa.

    (Thanks Peter O’toole for a great line.)

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