Variety reports that Pawel Palikowski’s Ida will be Germany’s Poland’s choice for Oscar consideration. It will very likely get in.

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  • My favorite film of the year, so far. Ida was #1 my rough list of the Top 20 movies from the first half of 2014. Posted 6 weeks ago.

  • I saw it last October. Liked it, but was left a little unmoved by it. Very beautifully made though – the cinematography and acting are both excellent. I’d be happy to see it nominated, not least for the fact that it’ll be great to see more films about women represented at the Oscars.

  • h

    Submissions so far:
    Winter Sleep (Turkey, Palme d’Or)
    White God (Hungary, Best Film, Un Certain Regard)
    Ida (Poland, Best Film, London Film Festival)

    Likely Submissions:
    Mommy (Canada, Jury Award, Cannes)
    The Wonders (Italy, Grand Prix, Cannes)
    The Way He Looks (Brazil, Teddy Bear, Berlinale)
    Blind (Norway, Best Screenplay, Sundance)
    We Are the Best! (Sweden, Best Film, Tokyo)
    Gueros (Mexico, Best First Film, Berlinale)
    Macondo (Austria, In Competition, Berlinale)
    Station of the Cross (Germany, Best Screenplay, Berlinale)
    Wild Tales (Argentina, In Competition, Cannes)
    Leviathan (Russia, Best Screenplay, Cannes)
    Two Days, One Night (Belgium, In Competition, Cannes)
    Difret (Ethiopia, Audience Award, Sundance & Berlinale)
    Black Coal, Thin Ice (China, Golden Bear & Best Actor, Berlinale)
    Blind Dates (Georgia, In Competition, Tokyo)
    Gett (Israel, Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes)
    Stray Dogs (Taiwan, Grand Prix, Venice)
    Party Girl (France, Camera d’Or, Cannes)
    Beautiful Youth (Spain, Un Certain Regard, Cannes)
    Run (Ivory Coast, Un Certain Regard, Cannes)
    Xenia (Greece, Un Certain Regard, Cannes)

  • globmi

    “Variety reports that Pawel Palikowski’s Ida will be Germany’s choice for Oscar consideration. It will very likely get in.”

    Really? Mistook Poland for Germany? Awkward.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Agata Kulesza for Best Supporting Actress! It’s the film’s key performance, she is the world.

  • globmi, just a typo. The headline was already right. But thanks. Fixed.

  • Sam

    One of the best films of the year. Extremely beautiful

  • I am due to see this any time now. Been looking forward to it for ages.

  • Charlie

    Thanks h for the list !

  • kirenaj

    Very good movie.
    I would rank it second just behind Snowpiercer so far.
    The lead actress had beautiful eyes in black and white and the woman who played the aunt gave a great and darkly funny performance.

  • zordon

    I’m so happy our comittee (I’m from Poland) has chosen Ida. We not only might have a winner (finally!), but an absolutely deserving one.
    And I know it’s early, but after reading all those praises from you guys, critics and moviegoers, and knowing box office results I can’t help but be excited:)

  • JoeS

    8 1/2 months in, and IDA still stands as the best movie I’ve seen all year – Foreign or not.

    It’s a dream, but, it would be nice to see IDA be one of the relatively few overseas films to break out of the Foreign Film Category ghetto and get nominations in the mainsteam categories – Writing, Direction, Actress, Supporting Actress, and yes, Best Picture. A worthy consideration in all of the categories and more.

  • Writing, Direction, Actress, Supporting Actress, and yes, Best Picture…

    …Cinematography, for sure.

  • Danny

    Was very impressed by “Ida”. Hope it gets in the final five. And yes, the cinematography is outstanding and may be the movie’s best chance at an additional nomination. Supporting actress would be well deserved too.

  • scastagnoli

    It’s such a shame that there isn’t a larger audience for an outstanding piece of cinema like Ida. Not having had the opportunity to view festival films like many film writers, I’d say this was easily one of the top two films I’ve seen so far this year. It was beautifully shot, and the emotional impact is heightened by the patient unfolding of the story and the subtle performances.

  • Alan of Montreal

    My favourite of the year so far, as well, along with Grand Budapest Hotel

  • Koleś

    Proud on so many levels that “Ida” is getting worldwide recodnition. My coolest film school professor, Jarosław Kamiński, edited this movie and my friend, Wojciech Janas, was his assistant editor. Not only this could be a big deal for Polish film, but the fact that the people I know had a significant part in creating it makes it even more special. Fingers crossed.

  • Dominik

    As I posted by the end of april on this side, Ida is my favourite film of the year – nothing changed till then, but It´s very rare that I´m as impressed and captured in a movie theatre as with this one.
    Ida and Grand Budapest Hotel, my highlight cinematic experiences so far.

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