“Blondes are like white mice, you only find them in cages. They wouldn’t last long in nature. They’re too conspicuous.”
― Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

A wonderful wedding photo of Nick and Amy in better days. But if you look closely you can see more context, waves of anxiety perhaps? This is the second Gone Girl cover for EW. The original was a sendup of John and Yoko’s famous Rolling Stone photo but this time Yoko is the corpse bride.

This cover lifts an eyebrow to the kinds of covers we see nearly every week at the supermarket check-out counter. Who’s married now? The perfect wedding, the perfect pretty illusion.


Thanks to Joey for the heads up.

EW also pays tribute to Robin Williams in a separate cover issue, with tributes to his top ten performances.


The first cover:


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  • Al Robinson

    Maybe it’s because I’m such a big David Fincher fan, but it seems fitting that Gone Girl gets the Fall Movie Preview cover. It’s going to be a big hit. I think it could be his biggest to date.

    Other choices could’ve been:
    Foxcatcher (Channing, Mark, and Steve)
    Interstellar (Anne, Jessica, and Matthew)
    The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (Benedict, Ian, Martin, and Richard)

  • Al Robinson

    Or if EW were even more progressive, they could’ve featured Ava DuVernay’s Christmas Release: Selma.

    They could have had David Oyelowo on the cover looking very MLK Jr-esqe.

  • The overwhelming excitement of an upcoming movie mixed with the overwhelming sadness over the loss of a genius. Wow, I am all over the place.

  • Sasha Stone

    Yeah, I know Robin. Sometimes I think: if you aren’t depressed you aren’t paying attention. Didn’t someone famous say that? How can any of us really endure the kinds of things that happen within two hours of being online – from horrors of Gaza to entertainment, back to horrors in Iraq, back to entertainment – death, fame – it’s just this big circling blob of emotion. Very strange. I kind of long to be on a mountain somewhere in a cabin by a babbling brook…

  • Going to stay in the mountains in a cabin, and writing, has always been a dream of mine regardless of what is happening in the world.

    But yeah, what a roller-coaster of emotions. Honestly, I saw the cover with Nick and Amy and I was so thrilled, and excited, for something I was looking forward to {or representing what I love}. Like I fell back to Earth. And it was good to be back. Because I was, for a moment, not thinking about Robin Williams. And I felt guilty about that. Crazy.

  • Natasha

    These brilliant covers are really fine publicity for the movie….

  • Danny

    General problem with the new webpage formatting:

    The comments all get cut off on the right side. For example, I can’t read past “Gone” on the first line of the first comment. And on the second comment the word Christmas only foes so far as Chri before being cut off by the border. And so on.

    I have this problem reading all the comments in all the comments sections since Awards Daily revamped their look.

    Anyone else having the same problem with all the comment sections lately?

  • Karl

    Danny, I’m having the same problem reading the comments. I’m using an iPad and I’m not sure if the same problem would occur with a laptop/notebook or desktop.

  • I had the same problem on a desktop, but only when the browser was restored down smaller. My main issue is the left panel where there is a cluster of the social networks links that block part of the article when I am trying to read it. However, it is a minor issue, and I will survive it. 😀

  • Sasha Stone

    Can you guys tell me if the problem is still there?

  • Yeah it is Sasha – it chops some of the text from the right hand side when you have the browser real small. I have it maximised at home so not an issue. The social networks panel has gone from the left though. Cool.

  • Sasha Stone

    For comments you mean Robin?

  • Sasha Stone

    Robin, I think I have fixed it – can you check again, maybe clear your cache?

  • That looks to have done it Sasha.

    Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t doing anything important really. Just fucking watching Boyhood!


  • AnthonyP

    The way Affleck is looking down at her. Telling…

  • were

  • nine

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