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Get Ready to Meet Emily Ratajkowski

If the Wolf of Wall Street launched Margot Robbie into international stardom and uber hottie status, Gone Girl is about to do the same for Emily Ratajkowski, recently profiled in Vanity Fair. She’s happily naked in photos all over the web (Google it) and in the uber-foul Robin Thicke video Blurred Lines. The Vanity Fair profile is a tad annoying, I must admit, making her sound like the world’s most naive starlet. It’s like a scene out of Valley of the Dolls. However, word on the street is that she’s great in Gone Girl.

Here’s the bit about the movie – slight spoiler unless you’ve read the book:

The director David Fincher (Fight Club, The Social Network) took notice; he cast her in his next movie, Gone Girl, which is due out in October. In the film, based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling 2012 novel, Ratajkowski plays Andie, a college student and mistress of a journalist (and possible wife murderer) played by Ben Affleck. On the subject of working with an Oscar-nominated director famous for his perfectionism, Ratajkowski gushes, “I worked really well with David because I was ready to be a student and he is the best teacher. He wants to do a hundred takes and I want to do them for him.”


Emily Ratajkowski