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David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars releases a few more details about the plot – it’s a surreal thriller that takes a bath in the concentrated desperation of Hollywood. This new trailer gives a rough outline of the plot. But believe me, there’s more. A lot more.

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  • SallyinChicago

    Boy, after watching that trailer I have no clue what that movie is about. It would be better if there was a voice over.

  • david

    Looks interesting

  • JPNS Viewer

    For some reason, I am not sure if I have ever seen another trailer of this film on AD before (either my mind was playing tricks on me or the other version did offer to me virtually nothing even as a trailer).
    But this so-called official UK trailer has got my attention.

    I am particularly interested in Moore’s performance despite certain been-there-done-that elements also found in some other roles the talented actress accepted in the past [talking about the vulnerability of the character she was spotted portraying here, which to me was similar to others she played in the olden days (and for some reason, her character in Boogie Nights [etc.] [The Beatles, please] has come together, right now, over me . . . .)].

    I’m looking forward to this feature film for her performance and the buzz created around here on AD.

    (By the way, at the time I wrote this last paragraph, I recalled — if not déjà-vu — watching another version of this film’s trailer or some sort of teaser; but for some reason, I was just being disinterested [disinterested].)

  • Bryce Forestieri

    OT: Remind me again. Do we consider LEGENDS OF THE FALL a minor Pitt? Such sumptuous melodrama, surely his softest performance.

  • Paolo

    I’ve seen it in Italy. The only words to describe it (or “for describe it”, sorry for my broken english) are “masterpiece with 2000 lacks”. It’s very moving and it seems more like a Lynch’s movie then a Cronenberg’s movie. It starts as a comedy and slowly become a tragedy.
    A great part of his lacks come from the screenplay that uses a lot of televisions escamotages.
    Performances are good, but any in particular is great. Evan Bird is the best.

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