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Kristen Stewart covers Vanity Fair France

Kristen Stewart in Chanel Couture on the cover of Vanity Fair France. [translation of the full article via @SomeLostBliss]: At 24, she has already known a huge amount of fame by being the star of blockbusters.She’s had her first loves under the spotlight of paparazzi. And she’s discovered the curse that Hollywood gives to those who do whatever they want. After two years of not speaking to the media, the sullen actress is making a come back – obviously – where we weren’t expecting her, in a French film by Olivier Assayas, and she takes the opportunity to discuss with Ingrid Sischy, the confusing similarities between this fiction and her reality.

How many people can brag about having wolves hybrid as pets? It’s the case of Kristen Stewart, troubling premonition for the one who was Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series, the old-fashioned teenager but romantic, the laughing stock of her high school who falls in loves with a buff vampire and whose best-friend turns into a werewolf on occasion…

Actresses who have the guts of breaking the Hollywood mold don’t grow on trees in the United States. When you’re lucky enough to croth paths with them, you’ve got to jump at the opportunity. Particularly when this actress grew up in Los Angeles, with two parents working in the cinema and television industry – because that’s how Kristen Stewart ended up on the big screen. She’s not a “little rich kid”, protected by the cocoon of celebrity and/or a huge amount of fortune, enclosed in a Beverly Hills mansion, surrounded by a perfect high hedge. Kristen Stewart’s childhood, in the substantially less glamourous San Fernando Valley, was the complete contrary. Her parents, Jules Mann-Stewart and John Stewart were employed by celebrities. And they knew very well how some of them can make your life a living hell.

When their daughter Kristen, who was wearing the exact same clothes as her brother Cameron, in other words, was dressed like a boy, as in wearing tracksuits, even in class, said she wanted to go to auditions, her mother warned her: “I work with those kids – they are crazy. You are not like them.” But as she won’t stop doing it after that, Kristen held onto her dream, and, at 11, she gets the role of Jodie Foster’s daughter in “Panic Room”, the thriller by David Fincher. An inspiring cast. Stewart isn’t pretending to be cute, she’s more like the kind of kid that you would bring with yourself in adventures. I talked to Jodie Foster about Kristen – who also survived through the tricks of getting famous at a young age – a few years ago, and she defines her with those few words: “Kristen doesn’t have the usual personality of an actress. She doesn’t want to dance on her grandmother’s table with a lampshade on her head.”

To say that the “Twilight” films didn’t bring in a lot of money would be a euphemism [400 million of dollars worldwide only for the first one]. Needless to say, these films weren’t the best. But Stewart never despised them, just like the millions of fans of the books. It would have been so easy for a hipster like her. But Robert Pattinson – her lover off and on screen at the time – and her seemed to have a real respect for the fans of the sage. And for one another as well.

[Mentions 2012 but no1currs] Contrary to France, the United States never hesitate to get on their high horse when it comes to morality, but it went even farther than that. The public was disappointed. And I think that the most interesting part is that Stewart herself was the most disappointed in herself. No one would have ever expected her to end up in that kind of common situation. But the truth is, it’s precisely this burning humanity that sets her apart from this other horde of falsely cheerful actresses, and incredibly redone that obstruct the pages of magazines. Even if “On The Road”, the adaptation of Kerouac’s novel, that she loved a lot, came out in the US around the same time, she has more or less disappeared from radars since. In the interview that you’re about to read, she remembers: “I came down from this giant wave and I wanted to shelter myself a little bit. That I would come back later.”

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  1. dan says

    @ Mea Culpa

    no idea. i laugh at this every time i see something on Kristen Stewart. she’s not a great actress at all. AD sure knows how to promote their favorites…worthy or not.

  2. Mea Culpa says

    Why does Kristen Stewart get so much coverage on this site?

    1. Ryan Adams says

      6 items mentioning Kristen Stewart in the past 13 months. And two of them were a trailer and a movie clip.

      I’m not going to ignore Kristen Stewart just to suit you, ok?

  3. Kara says

    Bryce – so you’re defined by and maligned for the mistakes you’ve made in life? Move on, Rob Pattinson has.

  4. Carrie says

    She looks pretty with short hair. Hope to see her movies soon.

  5. Bryce Forestieri says


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