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Kim Morgan and Guy Maddin Bring Losey, Antonioni and More as Guest Directors for Telluride

You can keep up with Kim Morgan’s coverage of Telluride over at Sunset Gun. The films chosen for presentation this year will be:

CALIFORNIA SPLIT (d. Robert Altman, U.S., 1974)
IL GRIDO (d. Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, 1957)
M (d. Joseph Losey, U.S., 1951)
MAN’S CASTLE (d. Frank Borzage, U.S., 1933)
THE ROAD TO GLORY (d. Howard Hawks, U.S., 1936) ·
WICKED WOMAN (d. Russell Rouse, U.S., 1953)

Telluride is a bear, scheduling wise. I find I am barely only able to keep up with a few films. I am going to try hard to catch at least one of these.