Leviathan looks to be one of the strongest contenders for foreign language film but it hasn’t yet been selected as the country’s official submission. If it isn’t submitted it could still get in but it’s a harder climb.

Exclusive over at Hitfix:

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  • Bryce Forestieri

    Trailer signals it’ll be one of the films of the year, one of only a handful. #BeyondPumped

  • Igor Sousa

    It sure looks great.

    The piece of music in the end kind of reminds Phillip Glass’ Koyanisqaatsi, doesn’t it?

  • Unlikely that this is selected as Russia’s official Foreign Language Film submission. It’s reportedly a scathing critique on contemporary Russian society, and something which the selection committee might thus feel uncomfortable about choosing to represent their country internationally. They’ll likely pick something more flattering and more middlebrow. It has a qualifying release in the US, though, so consideration in main categories is a possibility. The critics will probably heap praise on it come December, and it has a shot at entering the race like recent non-English language successes like Amour and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I’m thinking the same for Two Days, One Night and Winter Sleep, however, so it’ll face strong competition if it does.

  • RobMiles

    I agree that it’s likely not to be chosen for Oscar submission, but I’m hoping for a Bafta nomination, as they can choose any film they like in the foreign Language Category. The film is one of my most anticipated of the year.

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