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Oscar Contending Pics, Documentaries Thrive in Limited Release

Birdman did exceedingly well in limited release, with a $28,721 per theater average playing in just 50 locations. Whiplash needs a bit more word of mouth which it will get once the awards start rolling in. But with no major stars like Birdman has, it did respectable business with $5,778 per theater average in 46 locations, significantly less than Birdman. But with such a micro budget it doesn’t really matter if it makes bank at this stage.

Three documentaries hit theaters that are well worth seeing. They are doing decent box office in limited release as they make their Oscar qualifying runs. CitizenFour made $25,034 per theater average in just 5 locations, while Last Days in Vietnam and the Overnighters are also trucking along, making money.

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