NBR Contest winner, with 13/25 correct predictions:
PJ Edwards

NYFCC Contest winner, with 7/10 correct predictions:
Mads Larsen


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  • julian the emperor


    (Mads Larsen= Julian the emperor)

  • Congratulations Julian. BTW, Mads Larsen is a pretty cool name.

  • julian the emperor

    Thanks, Al. Cool name? In Denmark, I can assure you, it’s not a cool name. There are roughly thousands of Mads Larsen’s around. We’re this homogeneous tribe of five million who for some reason chose to live in the cold climate of Northern Europe. And for some reason, we chose the same three or four surnames in addition to being very much alike to begin with. That’s not cool. That’s just unimaginative group thinking.
    No, really. I love Denmark. I love my fellow countrymen (most of the time). I even like my name. There’s a famous boxer called Mads Larsen, though. I could live without having to be associated with a guy who beats other guys for a living.

  • Well done winners.

  • g

    Great job winners:)

  • Christophe

    I am left wondering whether I should congratulate you for such an outstanding achievement or berate you for wasting time and effort on such a useless endeavor…. Then again, is there any point doing anything at all? Isn’t the joy we derive from doing what we enjoy doing a sweet enough reward in itself?

  • julian the emperor

    Christophe, now please, don’t go all philosophical on me! Why not just congratulate me AND then berate me and spare yourself having to choose between the two. As far as I can tell I deserve an equal dose of your scorn and your praise (and that goes for the rest of you as well)!

  • Christophe

    Lol Julian, yeah I’m compliment-retentive that’s all, so I can only compliment while feigning not to do so… 🙂

  • Pj

    I Won!?

  • steve schweighofer

    Congrats PJ and Mads!

    “There are roughly thousands of Mads Larsen’s around.”
    No kidding – I just went to see if you were on Twitter and it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Every Mads Larsen in the world has a Twitter acct.

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