Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Clint Eastwood, American Sniper
Alejandro Inarritu, Birdman
Richard Linklater, Boyhood
Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game

Full list.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
(Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Mr. Anderson’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Miki Emmrich
First Assistant Director: Josh Robertson
Second Assistant Director: Ben Howard

This is Mr. Anderson’s first DGA Award nomination.

American Sniper
(Warner Bros. Pictures)

Mr. Eastwood’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Tim Moore
First Assistant Director: David M. Bernstein
Second Assistant Director: Paula Case
Second Second Assistant Director: Clark Credle
First Assistant Director (Morocco Unit): Ahmed Hatimi
Second Assistant Director (Morocco Unit): Yann Mari Faget
Second Second Assistant Directors (Morocco Unit): Andrew Madden, Khalil Zghayou

This is Mr. Eastwood’s fourth DGA Award nomination, all in this category. He won the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for Million Dollar Baby in 2004 and for Unforgiven in 1992. He was also nominated in this same category for Mystic River in 2003. Mr. Eastwood was honored with the DGA Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film in 2006.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
(Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Mr. Iñárritu’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Managers: James W. Skotchdopole, Robert Graf
First Assistant Director: Peter Kohn
Second Assistant Director: Amy Lauritsen
Second Second Assistant Director: Catherine Feeny
Location Manager: Joaquin Prange

This is Mr. Iñárritu’s third DGA Award nomination. He was previously nominated in this category for Babel in 2006. He won the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials for “Best Job” (Proctor and Gamble) in 2012.

(IFC Films)

Mr. Linklater’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Cathleen Sutherland
First Assistant Director: Vince Palmo Jr.
Second Assistant Directors: Susana Jasso, Kathleen Tull
Second Second Assistant Directors: Mary Beth Chambers, Brian Franklin

This is Mr. Linklater’s first DGA Award nomination.

The Imitation Game
(The Weinstein Company)

Mr. Tyldum’s Directorial Team:
Production Manager: Suzie Shearer
First Assistant Director: Phil Booth
Second Assistant Director: James Manning

This is Mr. Tyldum’s first DGA Award nomination.

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  • Aragorn

    Wawwww…never count out Mr. Eastwood I think!

  • Aragorn

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a big nervous breakdown, name calling, accusation and all that drama!….
    No Fincher and more importantly no Ava…someone must be very pissed!!!

  • Simone

    No one plays the December game better than Clint.
    Anyway, Linklater got this, because you know what, it took him 12 years to make this movie. [roll eyes]

  • Josh

    American Sniper is gonna be a thorn in Boyhood’s side I’m afraid. I can see this going how Million Dollar Baby went.

  • Damiansport1

    What we know:
    -Anderson, Liklater and Inarritu are pretty much IN
    -4th and 5th place wide open. Contenders: Eastwood, Chazelle, Fincher, DuVernay, Tyldum. Long Shot: Marsh, Miller, Jolie, Nolan, Leigh,
    and -American Sniper looks strong

  • Joseph K.

    Unless we got a big surprise in store for us Thursday morning, it looks like American Sniper has officially taken over Selma’s spot in the Best Picture race.

  • Philipp

    Selma had the usual screener problem, Fincher was never a sure thing. There are only two locks for Oscar (Inarritu, Linklater), Anderson might make it, Eastwood and Tyldum on the bubble.

  • EMC


  • Aragorn

    Enough with the screener problem!!! Is this just a lame excuse for not getting nods? We will see….If so, what amateurs they are???? Apparently they do not know how to handle the season, so they dont get to complain about it later!

  • EMC

    Thank God the Oscars have been deviating from the dga’s picks recently. Eastwood and Tyldum, while certainly surprises, are such boring picks. Glad Wes made it.

  • Chris138

    I have my doubts about Eastwood getting the Oscar nod. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s left out and someone like Damien Chazelle replaces him.

  • Joseph K.

    @ Damiansport1 Don’t forget Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler) in the list of possible directors that will take the 4th and 5th slot.

  • Geremy

    What’s the cross-over in terms of voters between the DGA and Oscar? This can’t influence voter’s decisions, but is it a strong gage for how the voting went?

  • Zooey

    It’s mostly 4 out 5. But there are years with 3 out of 5, 5 out of 5. And 2012 was 2/5. This year could be a 3/5 due to the nominations being announced after the Academy’s deadline and the category being up in the air.
    THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL has nominations from every major guild.
    It’s so leading the nominations.

    On CLINT: No, it’s not a MILLION DOLLAR BABY. MILLION DOLLAR BABY won critics’ awards (many of them, it actually was named best picture by the National Society of Film Critics and Clint won NYFCC). MILLION DOLLAR BABY won two SAG Awards. This one isn’t even nominated. It’s likely to win a total of ZERO Oscars. And I don’t think Clint is in.

  • benutty

    Actually thought/hoped Nolan was going to surprise here 🙁

    I mean, let’s be honest. It’s bullshit that Cuaron got so much praise as a director for Gravity in spite of an equally if not more complained-about script than Nolan & Interstellar, which has been systematically annihilated from all conversations simply because of a handful of very loud people’s problems with its script. Not only is Interstellar more complex of a production than Gravity, but it also invites riskier themes and deeper value to cinematic history.

  • Ryman

    Dang. If only someone like Chazelle, Miller Gilroy could’ve replaced Tyldum or Eastwood just to make it a little bit interesting.

  • Igor Sousa

    seriously this is the ultimate boring list!

  • Zach

    Well I was right in thinking at least one of Tyldum/Marsh would get in! Guess Theory isn’t as strong as suspected. My guess is Chazelle knocks out one of Clint/Tyldum, but who knows with Clint. Sniper is overrated though. I don’t know what to think about Selma anymore, and that’s not just because of the precursors but because I saw the film and was underwhelmed. Still better direction than Clint.

  • Liz

    Lame sauce!

  • Martin Pal

    I believe people keep mentioning “a screener problem” because SELMA is an excellent film and yet it isn’t getting much attention, so people wonder why. I do. I thought it was better than four of these nominations.

    @ Simone: “Anyway, Linklater got this, because you know what, it took him 12 years to make this movie. [roll eyes]”

    Boyhood aka 12 Years to Slave.

    As for these five nominees, they are all deserving, IMO, but I’d have thought so if they
    were: David Fincher, Damien Chazelle, Ava Duverny and a couple others as well.

  • Jerry Grant

    Did not see Eastwood coming. Currently predicting these five for Oscars, except DuVernay replacing Eastwood, but that might very well be wishful thinking.

  • Alec

    I’m happy for Wes Anderson and hoping that Weinstein’s campaigning and Eastwood’s name don’t factor as much into the nominations this Thursday.

  • Jim

    Blech. Eastwood, Tyldum, and Anderson could all be replaced in my opinion. Chazelle and DuVernay may be predictable picks, but they did extraordinary work. They’d be my picks, along with JC Chandor, Inarritu and Linklater. And that’s sticking just with more mainstream, safe options. Beyond those, we have the directors of The Lego Movie, Ida, Force Majeure, Under the Skin… It’s one thing for the awards groups to always play it depressingly safe. But to play it THIS safe? It’s a bummer.

  • JoeS

    Along with the ‘confirmation’ that SELMA is out of the running for Best Picture, I guess it is time to cede to reality that IMITATION GAME really is ‘in’ the picture.

    Four-way race in this order: BOYHOOD, IMITATION GAME, BIRDMAN & BUDAPEST. All others will be there just to fill out the slate. I thought GONE GIRL would be the ‘dark horse’, but it seems like it’s BUDAPEST instead. Maybe, SNIPER. SELMA has the screener issue, plus the late break, plus following 12 YEARS, PLUS the ‘controversy’. Too much to overcome.

  • Martin Pal

    @ Zach: “I don’t know what to think about Selma anymore, and that’s not just because of the precursors but because I saw the film and was underwhelmed.”

    Wow, just wow. If you sat through this film and are underwhelmed by it, then I just don’t know what to say.

  • Joseph

    For Oscar :
    Linklater, Inarritu and Anderson are in.
    The other two spots – just like the 2011 director category – will go to passionately loved movies.
    Nightcrawler and Whiplash are passionately loved (the former perhaps more prominent as of late) so I’m betting on Gilroy.
    The fifth slot is Tyldum (Harvey power) over Chazelle.

  • Pete

    So this basically relegated Theory/Selma/Gone Girl/Whiplash into “thanks for trying” bottom of the BP list. Definitely Linklater’s to lose now.

  • KBacon

    If I see the word snub …

  • Rodrigo

    American Sniper will finally be released in Vancouver this Friday.

    Was hoping Gone Girl and Whiplash would make it in.

  • JPNS Viewer

    Thanks for the up, AD (Sasha).

    Quite a bit of surprise for The Imitation Game’s director Morten Tyldum to have sneaked in (despite the film being one of the major contenders) given that, to me, he is relatively a new kid in town compared with Fincher, whom I believed would have made it, as well as other major players. (Wishing, though, that Gone Girl would do well in some of its potential categories as expected.)

  • Birdieneset81


    I guess Hollywood respected Gravity more than Interstellar because it was more realistic (think Apollo 13) than sci-fi. Just sayin’.

  • Pete

    Tyldum might be on the bubble because of missing BAFTA

  • Birdieneset81

    Now Ava DuVernay, David Fincher, Bennett Miller. Damien Chazzelle, James Marsh, and Chris Nolan are gonna have to pray for a Zeitlin-style upset to get into the Oscar race.

  • benutty

    For those wondering, GoldDerby reports that the DGA has 14,500 voting members while the Academy’s directing branch has 382 (with “initial magic number of 64”)

  • murtaza

    Congrats Fincher…
    No wait, he isn’t nominated.
    Well, that’s why i congratulated.
    A lame movie like Gone Girl deserves this snub. Go Gone Gone Girl is Gone Baby Gone.
    As for Selma, the Guilds were ditching it, I knew it would be ditched. Ava should’ve been nominated instead of either the ever boring Clint Eastwood or Tyldum.

  • Zach

    I’ve been picking Eastwood as a sleeper for a while. He’s tricky like that with these late year releases.

  • I know that it’s rare, but I don’t feel that this counts Selma out of an Oscar nomination. I can See DuVernay with a Director nomination also.

  • Chris138

    Gravity was also a much simpler story, and knew when to quit with a 90 minute running time. Interstellar is much more convoluted and goes on much longer (too long, IMO) for nearly twice the running time of Cuaron’s film. It’s definitely easier to see why the industry would be warmer to Gravity than they have been to Interstellar.

  • Koleś

    Not the DGA’s finest hour.

  • Jonny

    Morten Tyldum and Clint Eastwood over Fincher, DuVernay, Gilroy, Leigh or Chandor is frustrating.

  • WW

    I agree that Linklater, Inarritu and Anderson are locks for Oscar nominations. To me, the 4th and 5th slots will go to the directors whose films have attracted the most passionate supporters. Like ”Nightcrawler” or ”Whiplash” or ”Selma.” The big surprise was Tyldum finally making it to the party. Even with the Weinstein campaign behind him, he hadn’t been registering at any of the other major awards. (At BAFTA’s battle of Brit biopics, Marsh got in for Director, but Tyldum didn’t.) As for Eastwood, ”American Sniper” has gotten a late surge. Is it possible that Bradley Cooper jumps into the Best Actor race?


    BAFTA opted for Chazelle over Tyldum. DGA opted for Tyldum over Chazelle. Academy will opt for Chazelle over Tyldum !!

  • LCbaseball22

    Wes Anderson over Christopher Nolan and David Fincher must be a joke! Then again the DGA probably didn’t get screeners for Interstellar and Fincher has been hit or miss. What a surprise seeing Tyldum finally make a showing, but not really. Looks like a Brit Biopic or Eastwood are primed to pull another upset.

  • Pj

    This year is so backwards. The anti Oscar movies are locks and the Academy movies outside of TIG and TOE are fighting for their lives since even more anti Academy movies like Whiplash and Nightcrawler are getting across the board passionate support. Not even worried about Tyldum since Chazelle took his spot at BAFTA. And not worried about Marsh since Eastwood took his place at DGA.


    Fincher had been nominated by the DGA for his last THREE films (Benjamin, TSN, Tattoo). This would have been his FOURTH. They thought that is enough for now !! It is Clint’s turn !!

  • Paul Hanlin Jr

    Ghastly choices. Poor Neil Patrick Harris is gonna have to sell this stuff to an America that 90% of the population haven’t even HEARD of these movies before now, let alone SEEN them.

  • Robert A.

    I don’t expect these five directors to also be the AMPAS five. Usually there’s at least one difference, sometimes two, and three in those very rare cases like 2012.

    Tyldum is ripe for getting left off the AMPAS list. With the preferential ballot, how many directors are going to be listing Tyldum’s directing job at #1 or #2 of the year? I agree with the people who say that his slot will go to a movie with more “passion” such as Whiplash or Nightcrawler, or even Selma if AMPAS decides to rally behind it. But DuVernay has a very uphill battle now. I disagree with the person who said Nightcrawler is pulling ahead of Whiplash. Remember that Chazelle got an unexpected director nomination with BAFTA (Gilroy didn’t). Chazelle is on my radar for sneaking into the “passion” director slot. Not sure what to make of Eastwood and American Sniper. True that Sniper has been hitting extremely well with the guilds. Eastwood has a good chance of making it onto the list, at this point, but also has a decent chance of getting left off.

  • CB

    No ‘Selma’ makes it easier to swallow ‘Tyldem’. What exactly did he do that was so great? Not sure – the movie was pretty weak and bland, but at least it wasn’t downright mediocre (and sometimes inept) as ‘Selma’ was. Hope Chazelle gets in for the Oscars. Eastwood is a fine choice 🙂

  • Richardskin

    “DGA Announces Five Best Directors of the Year” – Have they? Super happy Wes Anderson got in, if only for his overall body of work.
    But I’m going to beat my per dead horse and say that Fincher got screwed. Not like he gives a shit.
    I can’t judge Eastwood yet because “American Sniper” remains the last true Oscar contender (Besides “Whiplash” I guess) that I am yet to see.
    I am very okay with “Selma” getting “snubbed”.
    And I very much enjoyed “Imitation Game”. I found it to be one of the more entertaining films in the running, but the Directing was very generic for the type of film that it is.
    Overall, It’s nice to have surprises each year. That’s what makes it fun to watch.

  • LCbaseball22

    @ SAMMY

    I guess they thought the same of Nolan; wouldn’t have been his fourth in a row, but would have been fourth overall. Still, KBACON I’m gonna say it, this will be remembered as the year that Christopher Nolan and David Fincher (the two greatest directors of their time) got “snubbed” :p

  • Pete

    Paul Hanlin. Yes Oscar will be denied a chance to fete Mockingjay auteur Francis Lawrence.

    Tell me genius who would you leave off this list and why? If you cite box office as the main reason I would beg Ryan to ban you for sheer hopelessness.

  • chasgoose

    People could have forgiven the terrible writing of Interstellar if the film weren’t so portentously directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan is good at crafting images and a fairly decent action director, but he takes himself and his movies way too seriously, leaving us with these turgid leaden objects. Cuaron’s direction of Gravity was way more impressive (not to mention Cuaron’s directing in general). He directed with a lightness managed to capture that awe and exuberance of space, while still making a taut and exceedingly well-crafted thriller.

  • Bob Burns

    It’s not Eastwood’s name. it’s Warner. Warner is what you think TWC is.

    Warner has won more Oscars than anybody the last six years, without Clint.

  • WW

    For the record, last year’s Academy Awards was the most-watched Oscarcast in 10 years. It got 43 million viewers and was the third year in a row that the ratings went up. Plus, it generated 11.2 million tweets. I think Twitter actually promotes live events, like the Oscars, and viewers tune in to see the stars.

  • Clint Eastwood is great!
    He also got NBR’s Best Director this year!

  • edkargir

    Ava should have been nominated also Mike Leigh Mr turner is a wonderful film. This year is about one film. Richard Linkleters masterpiece Boyhood .

  • I’m not a director so I can’t tell people their job. They know what goes into directing a movie and if those are the ones they choose okie doke.

    But for me, as a film fan for many years now, I look for a certain style from movies. To me that comes from the director. Meaning there are many serviceable pop songs, country songs, etc. But if someone is a great artist you could tell a new song was theirs upon hearing it for the first time because it has their own person individual stamp on it. I think with my favorite film directors you could do the same thing. If someone showed you their film without any previous information about it or credits on it, you’d know it was them. Sort of like a brand. If not at the very least you’d know that it’s been done by someone with great artistic vision. So for me, the “best directed” movies should be designer movies, not generic.

    I accidentally saw all five of the nominated movies. I’d like to congratulate Mr. Anderson, Mr. Eastwood and Mr. Inarritu on their nominations. And I’d like to thank them and the other Mr. Anderson, Mr. Nolan, Mr. Singer, and Mr Scott for rewarding us year after year with their unique artistic visions. And I’d like to thank Ms. DuVernay for a film that I would reward if I had awards to give out. It was truly a great film with a clear vision and I look forward to enjoying her artistry in the future.

  • Schaeffer Nelson

    DuVernay couldn’t get nominated. Screeners didn’t make it to the DGA, as told to me by a DGA member. I have no idea what’s gonna go down with Selma on Thursday. None of the guilds saw it. The Globes are the only voting body who did.

  • benutty

    I can’t get over my friend (@veilleuxwho) tweeting this, I’m still LOLing: Morten Tyldum’s name is a coded message from Weinstein to Linklater. Solved, it translates to: “Um Don’t Try Me, L.”

  • Q Mark

    Enough with the screener problem!!! Is this just a lame excuse for not getting nods?

    My instinct is to say yes, since it seems like the lack of screeners hurt Selma across the board. However, was Selma the ONLY of the awards-season movies to not send screeners out? If not, then I really don’t understand all of the snubs.

  • Patryk

    Fincher was robbed. So were DuVernay and Gilroy.
    Maybe Mr. Eastwood will remember to direct his comments to an empty chair.

  • KBacon


    I warned you — no soup for you 🙂

  • WW

    If screeners didn’t go out to the Guilds, how were the Costume Designers the only one to nominate ”Selma”?

  • FrankieJ

    I was surprised to read that this was only Eastwood’s fourth DGA nomination. And he wasn’t even nominated for his (arguably) best film: LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA. The DGA is odd. They did nominate Bigelow for ZERO DARK, but to not nominate DuVernay? Even if screeners didn’t reach them, get off your damn asses and go see the film in a theater!!! I still think DuVernay gets nominated on Thursday. Maybe it’s just a hope but it’s a strong one. (And I think Fincher gets in as well).


    “If screeners didn’t go out to the Guilds, how were the Costume Designers the only one to nominate ”Selma”?”

    I echoed the same thing on another thread. Any answer ???

  • Aaron

    “With the preferential ballot, how many directors are going to be listing Tyldum’s directing job at #1 or #2 of the year?”

    You know, I think that too but then I shudder and remember that Ron Howard was nominated for Frost/Nixon and Stephen Daldry was nominated for The Reader. There’s always someone who gets in that seems to have very little excitement or “passion” attached to them. That’s why today has convinced me that Tyldum makes it on Thursday which pisses me off considering there’s about a dozen other directors who had stronger auteur visions this year.

    I’m still not sure about Clint Eastwood. I think his nomination has firmly solidified American Sniper’s best picture chances. Still think Damien Chazelle or Dan Gilroy could make it on Thursday.

  • Alec
  • Alain Vezina

    They should throw away the screeners. The best way to watch a film it is à theater.

  • Jesus Alonso

    nailed it…

  • Karen

    Don’t want to sound repetitive, but from what I understand there were no screeners for GBH to the DGA either, and it got the nom.
    Of course it was an early release, so possible members had already seen it. I think so much of the nomination process is about “buzz” and what voters have heard about a film even if they have not yet seen it. The more nominations a film receives for various awards, the more “buzz” gets generated and it continues to build. GBH is an example of this. Almost no pundits had it high on their radar at the beginning of the season.

  • murtaza

    There’s another thing that should cheer Sasha up. David Lynch is returning…

  • Jake

    Gone Girl was above average overall but Fincher’s directing was average compared to his other work (not compared to other directors’ works). I actually expected a lot more of him with this film. Kudos to Anderson. And Eastwood really isn’t a surprise–American Sniper is picking up steam especially at the box office and with word-of-mouth. And who doesn’t love a war movie come Oscar time.

  • Homer

    Interesting…the return of Eastwood, not bad and increasingly think that American Sniper will get the BP nomination…Also, i thought that Fincher would have a help here, this destroys any possiblility of seeing him nominated but Gone Girl is strong and if this is the frontrunner for Best Adapted Screenplay, then why not the BP nomination? Seriously, i just can’t understand why is Selma being stupidly snubbed, it’s the SAG, BAFTA, etc… Tyldum getting nominated here but in BAFTA Marsh passed over him, this is curious…But still it’s a obvious race between Linklater and Inarritu with the first one cleary in the pole position, then Wes Anderson and DuVernay are true contenders and the question is: it’s the return of Eastwood or Fincher?? Or they will going to recognize the work of two brits in movies that are doing very well?? There’s still hope for Chazelle?? Only in Thursday!

  • Leo C

    I got 4 out of 5 on my prediction here.
    My list had Fincher instead of Tyldum.
    Has anyone got all 5?

  • Scott Freeman

    Rule #1: If there is any doubt, nominate the old white guy.

  • daveinprogress

    At least we can be thankful that Anjelina was not nominated.

  • Larry

    I don’t but that screeners not reaching the guilds. I don’ uunderstand why people keep justifying Selma’s failure to get recognized by the guilds. Maybe the industry just does not care about it. It was nodded by Costume Guild.

  • Birdienest81


    I’d be more sympathetic about blockbusters getting into the Oscar race if we were talking about The Dark Knight, Inception, or Skyfall. However, I believe AMPAS should NOT have to lower the bar if popular pix desire to compete for gold. Interstellar was very good, but definitely not his best work. And to those using the Martin Scorsese Departed anology, Departed was not trying hard to win an Oscar like Gangs of NY or Aviator were.

  • Gage Creed

    OK, after this, one of my NGNG predictions is Bradley Cooper (American Sniper) for Best Actor.


    Bradley Cooper for NGNG ??? After today’s news Cooper’s best actor nod is the done deal.

  • Film Fatale


    “…‘Tyldem’. What exactly did he do that was so great? Not sure – the movie was pretty weak and bland.”

    Nope. It’s one of the sharpest, best-paced, complex and well-acted period wartime pictures in ages — all of this comes from Tyldum’s firm helming of this material. It doesn’t happen on its own. The Imitation Game is one gripping movie that works on a large scale and a personal scale.

  • Alex Goes

    “They should throw away the screeners. The best way to watch a film it is à theater.”
    That may be true, but studios would no longer be able to do a limited year-end release (in NY and LA). It would have to go nationwide for directors/producers/writers/etc…to see them in theaters.

  • Zach

    @Matt, I liked Selma and would not begrudge it a Best Picture nomination or any other top recognition. But it wasn’t great cinema. Actually, DuVernay’s direction was one of the best things about it, in terms of her staging of the scenes as much as what she did to rework the script. But after I watched the film, I understood how the Academy might see this movie about civil rights and still not be compelled to vote for it. It wasn’t as moving or as powerful as I hoped it would be. That’s not to say it won’t still get all the top nominations, since the guilds and BAFTA prove little knowing they didn’t receive screeners. But nothing will surprise me Thursday morning–unless the film is shut out of Best Picture altogether.

    And again, that’s to say nothing of relative quality. Selma is hardly the only disappointing contender this year, or the most egregious. Again, I think it’s a better film overall than Sniper.

  • DaneM

    Interesting field here. DGA played it traditionally yet again. Oscar Best Director has been less predictable of late (I’ll never forget the year that Zeitlin and Haneke were in while Affleck and Bigelow were out), so I definitely don’t think we’re gonna get a 5/5 perfect match Thursday morning. Tyldum might be safe if that’s where Harvey focused all his energy this year (he certainly didn’t focus on BAFTA). It’s interesting that this is the first time Tyldum has showed up anywhere but we shouldn’t be surprised since the film has been floating around as a suspected top 3-4 favorite for BP for a long time now.

    All the trolls need to get a life though, seriously.

  • Johnson

    Called this shit!!

  • Alfredo

    Well now I don’t feel bad for predicting American Sniper in several categories come Oscar morning.

    The film seems to be picking up a lot of steam and is one that will surely surprise. Watch out for Bradley Cooper for his third (!) nomination in a row!

  • Zach

    Again while I predicted both Tyldum and Marsh because their films have hit everywhere, it’s not that surprising–or necessarily telling–that Eastwood was nominated today. If the top five films’ directors (minus Selma the wild card) were going to be upset by anyone, it was bound to be a big name like Fincher, Eastwood, or maybe even Nolan. So they picked Eastwood. Again from subjectively viewing the film and from the other precursors, I still don’t see Eastwood getting Oscar-nominated for his directing. I have a strong gut feeling on Chazelle as much as I had a strong gut feeling he would miss with the DGA.

  • Pete

    Birdie, astute observation about Scorcese. I do find the films/filmmakers that try WAY TOO HARD to Oscar-bait to be the least appealing part of awards season. It pains me to see Clint starting to crutch on that.

    Interesting to see that the three main contenders, the three B’s, are all films that clearly weren’t made with BP in mind (Inarritu famously lightening up). No matter what one thinks of Boyhood, no way can anyone accuse Linklater of going for the big brass ring of OSCAR when he started filming thirteen years ago.

  • Pingback: OSCAR WATCH: Eastwood is a late inning threat | Section Eighty()

  • Patrick

    I’ve been saying it for weeks. I don’t think DuVernay’s and Oyelowo’s Oscar nominations are secure, and I think it’s Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper that are biting at their heels. A Best Picture nomination for Selma doesn’t even seem that much like a sure-thing at this point, though I’d still probably have it in my predictions, even though I thought its quality was inconsistent.

    Anyway, I’d be hard-pressed to name 9 English-language films that I think deserve BP Oscar nominations. I’ve seen hundreds of films this year, and I’d only give two English-language films 4 stars: Boyhood and Birdman. After that, you’ve got a handful of 3 and 1/2 star films like Nightcrawler, Gone Girl, Mr. Turner, Snowpiercer, Whiplash, and American Sniper. I’m going off the top of my head here. Most of my favorite films this year are not in the English language. And many of the other ones I liked in the English language have literally no shot at the Oscars– films like Frank, The Double, and ’71. Ah, I’m just now remembering how much I loved Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance in Frank. Of course, she has a snowball’s chance in hell of being nominated, just like the film itself. Well, at least her brother will probably get some love!

  • Andrew

    I have not yet seen American Sniper. Going on the reviews and how it looks on paper, I cannot for the life of me understand why the guilds are going nuts over this. Really, a DGA nomination?!?!? Someone please help me comprehend this madness.

  • keifer

    Very glad to see Wes Anderson’s name on this list. It’s about time.
    I’m not a big fan of TGBH (I found it emotionally vapid), but I am a big fan of Wes Anderson’s movies. Heh, at least he makes interesting movies!
    Eastwood? Well . . . let’s just say the whole general theme of American Sniper just leaves me cold and turns me off.

  • ScottD

    I haven’t yet seen American Sniper, though from the previews I wouldn’t doubt Eastwood does a nice job with it.

    I wish the guild would stick to the task at hand – nominating innovative directing, not merely their pick for best picture. Too many guilds do that.

    Ava and Fincher should have been nominated, no question. I enjoyed The Imitation Game but the direction was nothing amazing. Luckily this can’t impact the Oscar noms, where hopefully Ava/Selma make the cut.

    In regard to the comments about screeners, after seeing Selma last weekend I’d happily nominate it in the top categories, as well as Supporting Actor/Actress, costumes.. I’m sure a lot of Academy/DGA voters have anxiously awaited their chance to see Selma, but I do wish screeners got to them around Christmas time. It’s such a powerful film and I feel it struck just a week too late. I bet it’s getting a lot of support from people who had yet to see it, and knew it would be great – but it could have benefited from more nods among the awards groups I feel if seen earlier. :/

  • Evan

    I hate an early call that so-and-so is “done,” but I think we can safely say that Fincher is done. I can think of seven people more likely than him at this point– these five, Chazelle, and Duvernay.

  • Birdienest81


    I’d rather see Boyhood win Best Picture than see another Masterpiece Theater/Downtown Abbey wannabe that would be more appropriate for the Emmys or TV BAFTAs (Kings Speech, Imitation Game) take it.

  • superkk

    Wow now this was definitely shocking. I’m floored. I really am. Thursday could not come soon enough.. but something tells me there will be a lot of wtfs…… honestly time to put this season to rest.. about over it

  • Holden

    Called the Eastwood!!! But missed The Imitation Game. I had Chazzel in instead. I don’t remember if I put Anderson in, but otherwise, four (maybe) out of five isn’t bad.

  • Holden

    Damn it. I had Fincher instead of Anderson. Anyway, whatever. Pretty deserving nominees, overall.

  • phantom

    I got four, I called Tyldum and the DuVernay snub but I was still somewhat in denial about Fincher. I thought even if the Academy will probably snub him, the DGA won’t, he is kind of a superstar there. Perception-wise this means nothing, Oscar voting closed last week and considering few DGA directors are actually Academy voters (most of them work primarily in television), I think we may just have another 2012esque shock on our hands. For now I will expect four of these at the Oscars (and DuVernay instead of Eastwood) but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there were more semi-surprises…precursor-wise Chazelle is considerably stronger at the moment than Zeitlin was (the crucial two (guilds and Bafta) embraced his film), Fincher could be their “cool” choice this year (and worth noting, when voting closed, Gone Girl was on a high precursor-wise), not to mention the actual potential shockers (Gilroy, Miller, Chandor, Marshall, Jolie).

  • WW

    I’m of mixed minds on screeners. Movies deserve to be seen on the big-screen. And I fear Christopher Nolan has suffered for this, because his epic-sized ”Interstellar” chose not to send out screeners. But if voters didn’t get screeners, they’d see even fewer movies than they already do. As it is, I imagine most voters aren’t conscientious enough to plow through the many screeners they get; they just check out the most buzzed-about titles.

  • daveinprogress

    There are just so many reasons these days NOT to be surprised, disappointed by omissions, inclusions or recipients. If it’s not paybacks, or sentiments; it’s lavish campaigns ‘purchasing’ votes. If it’s not that – it’s that voters have not actually seen the main films of a given year. So what the F is it all for? Before VHS tapes, members would have had to go to a theatre to see the movies. When it is said that the Oscar race is all about perception – it sure is. Literally! Hmm that performance looks good; it got a great review…my grandson’s friends says it rocks! Woo Hoo! It really makes a mockery of the process.

  • Johnson

    Well fuck, thought I had all 5, but went back and checked…something compelled me to click on Fincher instead of Wes Anderson.

  • SallyinChicago

    I think everybody needs to relax. For best picture there will probably be 6-8 spots. For director, five and so what if Ava and AJ don’t make the cut?
    This was a bad year for movies. Period.
    Let’s hope 2015 will be better.

  • DP

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bradley in Best Actor come Thursday. Heck, they might even throw in Sienna Miller for supporting (had they started their film trailer with her on it, she might have gotten more of a push). I think there will be a passionate amount of support for this film- may the real threat to Boyhood (Boyhood vs Manhood). I just saw it last week and the tension is non stop like the two trailers. I’m still not sure if i liked it (maybe I didn’t want to like it), but it stays with with. My bf thought it was too war mongering where I thought it was more anti war. Anyway, its supporters would want to reward this film somewhere. Maybe a tech award or maybe Cooper for the win as my NGNG.

  • daveinprogress

    “what if Ava and AJ don’t make the cut? This was a bad year for movies. Period.”
    Sally, are these two comments linked? Are you saying that in a bad year for movies Ava and Anjelina still don’t make the cut?
    I don’t agree with the blanket statement that it is a bad year for movies. Your conclusion. I found plenty of great films to embrace.

  • I’m seriously wishing these top-level categories had more than 5 slots at the Oscars. If there are more than 5 Oscar-worthy competitors, there should be more than 5 nominations.

    I’m hoping Selma’s AMPAS screeners paid off — that film moved me so much that I bought several civil-rights history books afterwards so I could learn more about the era. Great stuff.

  • Anthony Emami

    American Sniper was directed poorly. and it wasn’t a great movies and it shouldn’t even be talked about this year. DGA is not credible and sadly they are not taking directing into consideration. They are more concerned about names.

  • Anthony Emami

    Also what is the point of a screener?? You are supposed to watch the movie in a theatre. 4k Tv’s are ruining the way movies are shot and how they look on the TV compared to when they are seen at the theater.

  • Diego

    No Fincher and no Ava… Sasha is sooooooooooooooo piss off…

  • ^
    you’re so perceptive.

  • patryk59

    Where is all the criticism over “American Sniper” and the lack of historical accuracy? The film is being embraced by the right and everyone believes what Eastwood shows is “truth.” They’re all waving the flag like it’s the eve of the Republican National Convention, not Oscar nomination eve. It’s been an Eastwood love-fest for too long. I fear this will wind up robbing Linklater and film. Please, no, No NO.

  • Jerry Grant

    I agree with Benutty that the widespread disregard for Nolan this year seems unfair. “Interstellar” sure has its problems but it’s an amazing feat of filmmaking.

    Anyhow, with Eastwood recognized here it looks like American Sniper officially has the edge over Foxcatcher and Nightcrawler for BP noms.

  • patryk

    For me, this is the most disappointing group of Guild nominations. I just don’t get it after Linklater, Inarritu and Anderson. Not in any universe. At least the Director’s branch of the academy is a bit more discerning in it’s selections. I’ve always considered the Best Director nominees to be the “real” Best Picture nominees when Oscar is concerned.

  • Clyde

    If memory serves, Letters From Iwo Jima was ignored by every guild but still managed to get nominated for writer, director, and picture (in a field of five) at the Oscars. Anything is possible.

  • Paul Hanlin Jr

    My final five; Francis Lawrence, Nolan, Fincher, Innaratu, Linklater. Balancing between populist and arthouse. It can’t be all-popular nor can it be all-arthouse. This makes both camps happy. It won’t appease the indie crowd as they’ll want all 5 slots. They believe popularity and quality are mutually exclusive, that they can never walk hand in hand on the same sidewalk.

  • ryo

    Remember, Oscar choose Michael Haneke dan Benh Zeitlin which not nominated in DGA (Bigelow, Affleck)

  • Daniel B.

    Too bad for Ava Duvernay and Fincher. As Sasha said, the list won’t get better than than the one of the Globes. I am not sad for Nolan. It is his worst and cheesiest movie. I am really suprised that there are so many people that defend the plot holes.
    I am rooting for Iñarritu and for Wes Anderson.Good for Linklater but there are way more superior movies this year and afterall if they give him all of the awards in the world, it will be for his 12-year efforts.

  • Reno

    I saw Morten Tyldum’s Headhunters, he directed that way way better, & gutsier, than The Imitation Game.

    On Fox news, there was a discussion regarding how patriotic films American Sniper & Unbroken were getting snubbed by critics, SAG & Golden Globes, let’s see if the Oscars will go red white & blue. But really, I can’t wait to see American Sniper, it’s not even in previews yet. I liked Unbroken a lot, I wonder what critics are faulting it for, maybe just a lot of nit picking & fault finding I guess coz it’s the big Angelina Jolie movie.

  • WW

    So what’s the criteria that Fox News uses to declare ”American Sniper” and ”Unbroken” so ”patriotic”? That it fits their world view that white American alpha males are the heroes and the enemies are always the people of color? … ”Selma” also has been snubbed by SAG, DGA and most all of the Guilds; did ”Selma” make Fox’s list of unheralded ”patriotic” movies? It’s about the American right to equality and access to the ballot box. Oh, but wait, the hero of the movie is an outspoken black man. And I suppose a number of Fox pundits (and viewers) actually would support suppressing the vote. 😉

  • Reno

    No mention of Selma in that discussion coz Selma got GG noms. I’m seeing Selma tomorrow.

  • john

    In my opinion American Sniper is the best film of the year and Clint Eastwood is the best director of the year.
    5 directors nominated : 1. Clint Eastwood. 2. Linklater. 3. Iñarritu. 4. Wes Aderson. 5. Ava DuVernay.

  • john

    American Sniper is the best film of the year and Clint Eastwood is the best director of the year.
    5 directors nominated : 1. Clint Eastwood. 2. Linklater. 3. Iñarritu. 4. Wes Aderson. 5. Ava DuVernay.

  • ScottishJellyfish

    Remember when I said American Sniper would get in on Daily’s trailer post for the film. Well, I’m just sayin’….

  • DaneM

    ww – I’ve heard that Fox News has actually also championed “Selma”,” not as a patriotic movie though. I do think they like how it makes LBJ look dickish (let’s face it, he probably was.

  • Sato

    “Tyldum makes it on Thursday which pisses me off considering there’s about a dozen other directors who had stronger auteur visions this year.”

    If this will be the mindset of all of us then we should just let the award giving bodies nominate veterans and forget about new and emerging talents. Furthermore, how can we meet undiscovered talents with fresh stories and ideas waiting for their breaks if the only filmmakers in the world that should be nominated are the auteurs?

    Let’s cut the “no screeners excuse”. The Costume Designers Guild got Selma screeners and it deservedly got a nomination there. It seems to me that the movie is just not well supported as much as the HFPA supported it. It’s just hard to believe that Selma’s campaign sent CDG screeners and not DGA and the other guilds who snubbed it.

  • Tara

    Glad Angelina Jolie and that awful film unbroken were not nominated. I hope the Oscars are not stupid enough to give her a Best Piture Oscar nom even though the movie has a rating of 49% on RT and many bad reviews.

  • Martin Pal

    @ Birdienest81: “I’d rather see Boyhood win Best Picture than see another Masterpiece Theater/Downtown Abbey wannabe that would be more appropriate for the Emmys or TV BAFTAs (Kings Speech, Imitation Game) take it.”

    If you’re comparing those films to Boyhood, then you’ve got some issues. Their subject matter is light years ahead of Boyhood which is about what?–the mundane existence of a family everyone seems to identify with. It’s the equivalent of visiting your adult relatives when you’re a child and looking at photographs you have little interest in. Hey, but that’s profound ’cause it took twelve years for Linklater to examine it. I’d have preferred the microwave version.

    @SallyinChicago: This was a bad year for movies. Period.

    When someone says that, it seems as though they need to have better skills in selecting what movies they choose to see. I’m always surprised at how many films I initially had no interest in are the ones I’ve liked the best each year.

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