BAFTA and DGA Contest Winners


As you know, our files were all corrupted so we lost of the data on these contests. But if anyone out there entered and has a return receipt, please post your high score here in the comments.

With 19 out of 24, Alexandru Donca wins our contest.

With 18:
Luis Diego Porras
Chavel Dixon
Dion Blackler
Anthony Barstow
Ryan Leong
Ednardo Santos


And our cobbled together DGA contest (there may be forms out there with better scores!) only produced winners with a score of three. And those are:

Kelly Doucette
Andre West
Zach Rosenthal
Enrique Castillo

  • Claudiu Cristian Dobre

    My countryman – nice! Sincere congrats!… 🙂

  • Zach

    Well, I’m pretty sure I said Linklater, but nevertheless, this makes me feel better for not entering the BAFTA contest in time. (Then again, if you included every category, then the winners above are amazing.)

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