We get it, the dude is happy to be getting the amenities that go along with doing a movie that is like an all-inclusive resort. You’re treated like a god, you have a nice trailer, the public loves you and you’re a huge box office draw. The best thing is probably the fat paycheck after each and every one of these.

He’s gotten mostly a pass for playing the same character in every movie he’s ever made, his best is still Tropic Thunder followed closely by Zodiac and that’s only because it’s a great movie). He’s funny. He knows how to deliver a punchline and is usually the favorite performer in every movie he’s in. But — and I’m trying to be nice here — what an asshole.

In an interview with EW, posted in The Playlist, Downey, Jr. goes off on independent film:

Sometimes the little movies are the ones that wind up taking the most out of you because they’re like, ‘Hey, man, we’re just running a couple of days behind. Do you think you can stay through your birthday and then come back on the fourth of July. And, by the way, but, like, the crew — can you pay for the craft services? And, oh, by the way, man, when we go to Sundance, it’s like, can we just sit you in a chair and you can sell this for six days in a row so that we’ll make 180 bucks when it opens in one theater?

So okay fine, some artists can’t all be a Johnny Paycheck and cash in on meeting the public’s expectations and essentially being a self-admitted whore. Some actually want to do good work in an atmosphere that is increasingly corporate, much more like the fast food paradigm where there are fewer choices and more of the same. The bigger the menu, the less the profit. He can say what he wants to say, obviously. He can do with his career what he wants. He likes living large and now he’s got a job that supports that.

He seems to feel defensive about the comments made about superhero movies by Alejandro G. Inarritu last year and the subsequent rallying cry by Hollywood types against them in their unanimous embrace of Birdman, “Look, I respect the heck out of him [and] for a man whose native tongue is Spanish to be able to put together a phrase like ‘cultural genocide’ just speaks to how bright he is.” Did he really say that? Yes, he did.

While the internet would be a much better place if we all stopped getting bent out of shape about things people say. Ultimately, who cares? But asshole eruptions are important to notice because they confirm what we all suspected about Boyhood last year – that there were hidden volcanos of resentment everywhere.

On Howard Stern’s show, the actor said he liked Whiplash but declined to trash Boyhood in a direct way, though his distaste was clear. Of course he liked Whiplash. Like John Steinbeck called out all Americans for being embarrassed millionaires just waiting to claim their fortune, so too do all of the undiscovered geniuses in Hollywood see themselves as the kid in Whiplash – just waiting for their chance to show people what they’re made of.

So much harder it is to do the though stuff, the artistic commitment it took Richard Linklater and his devoted crew to stick with film for twelve years. At least the British film industry recognized that which Hollywood could not.

I’m so annoyed at Robert Downey, Jr. That I might just start calling him Bob Downey. We’ve all patiently said and written the three words these last few decades – Robert Downey, Jr. That’s too hard. That’s like trying to make a film on a shoestring budget with a few loyal friends and investors. It’s too hard to say Junior all of the time. Bob Downey it is.

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  • The Pope

    That super-bionic leap Iron Man make in Age of Ultron isn’t Tony Stark dressed in iron casing. It’s not even a superhero doing superhero stuff. It’s movie star about to jump the shark.

  • Pete

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Downey also say that he bailed on Gravity after one test session because Cuaron’s shooting methods made him physically uncomfortable? What must he think of Clooney taking a lower salary for an extended cameo? Does he think Bullock was a chump for being put through the grinder on that shoot?

    Dude climbs the ladder of success thanks to people along the way giving him fourth and fifth chances, gets to the top and promptly pulls the ladder up behind him and blasts all those he met along the way as talentless hacks? Great guy, that.

    Three things Mr. Pride before the Fall ought to think LONG and hard about:

    1. Surely last summer’s anemic box office was showing that Spielberg’s warnings about overreliance on tentpoles was noticed by Bob Downey?

    2. Ask Johnny Depp or Harrison Ford about the wisdom of playing the same part over and over and not broadening their skills?

    3. Chris Pratt is MUCH younger than Bob Downey and already is showing that he’s adept at grabbing the leads in crowd pleasing popcorn genre fare like Bob Downey.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “for a man whose native tongue is Spanish to be able to put together a phrase like ‘cultural genocide’ just speaks to how bright he is.”

    Whoa whoa whoa. You guys know that as a Latino I’m far from thick-skinned. I’m even a-OK with white saviors in such pictures like BOYHOOD and well meaning harsh jokes like Penn’s; but that was hugely insensitive and borderline — yes — racist.

    I say let him be. My persistent itch to see him work with the likes of P.T. Anderson expired a few years ago. Now, Sandy Bullock that is who we need representing Hollywood. I’d love a rebuke from the likes of Clooney or even Inarritu himself. He isn’t even the cast mvp of the Avengers movies; that’s Chris Evans, right? RIGHT??

  • Pete

    I meant to say Downey should heed Spielberg’s warnings about tentpoles.

    Downey is also showing that he learned absolutely nothing from Robert Altman.

  • Peter Panavision

    Downey seems to have traded his addiction for illegal substances into an addiction for cold hard cash. It’s clear from his statements that he lacks any humor or perspective about himself. He strikes me as someone with a severe lack of character. He’s a poster boy for what’s wrong with Hollywood.

  • “The best thing is probably the fat paycheck after each and every one of these.

    It’s rather more than a paycheck at this point. According to THR, Downey’s agents have negotiated a sweet deal in which he gets 5 to 7 % of the gross of any movie where he plays Irony Man. Not net; gross. That’s in addition to his salaryman salary which is already more than the salaries of the other cast members by a factor of 2x or 3x.

    I’m no Tony Stark math whiz, but 5% of a billion is $50 million — on top of his paycheck.

    And of course, it’s a big assist to his agents leverage power if Bobby Downey can summon up all his mad acting skillz and ACT LIKE he’s oh so very tired of sucking Marvel dick every year, because then the execs who sign the checks get nervous and start thinking any of these actors are irreplaceable or essential to the “magic” than causes Marvel fans to line up to buy tickets.

    It’s always endearing to hear one of the 1/10th of 1% moan about “how much it takes out of you” to be asked to chip in a paltry 10k of his $200 million net worth to help feed the crew who make his job possible — crew members who know the meaning of 1% because they literally earn less than 1% of what Bobby D earns for walking on the set of every Marvel movie and acting his trademark smarmy act (which, turns out, isn’t even an act.)

    Bobby D, dude, do you even lift?

    For $50 million an obedient Marvel whore should be contractually obligated to bend over, raise his butt, and get nailed by Hulk dick onscreen. The mean green one.

  • Bob Burns

    gee. thanks.

    Had a dream birthday, with the cheering communists and socialists in Place de Republique in Paris today. All the red flags and cheering lefties on May 1 have always made me happy and I finally got a chance to be in the middle of the celebration here….. boys and girls climbing Marianne, still plastered with Charlie Hebdo memorials, tying draping her with the red flags that are her spirit filled my heart, particularly coming from a place where such a thing is unimaginable.

    Didn’t see Downy there. Showing up at a radical left wing rally would screw up his marketability, ya know. Why not just call him Junior and leave my name out of it?

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Hey I meant to say thin-skinned, Bobby D! Are you even about that life, bro?

  • Pete

    This must be some of that big budget, craft services, oh so competent film production that Bob Downey was touting while bagging on indies running a day or two over schedule on his birthday.

  • andy hoglund

    His dad must be eye rolling the F outta him in his grave.

    Also, Sasha, Downey was great in Chaplin, no? Just rewatched.

  • He’s a poster boy for what’s wrong with Hollywood.

    I mean, good for any actual actors who can actually act, like Renner and Johansson, who can work their way up to the career pinnacle of a recurring franchise role, and earn $5 mil per movie. More power to them, I guess. It costs a lot to maintain the high maintenance royalty our culture craves.

    But Samuel L Jackson’s flat paycheck salary for one of these movies would cover the entire budget for a movie like Clouds of Sils Maria. And those movies can get made (the best of them, mostly in other countries) because they only need to sell 750,000 tickets to break even. Meanwhile, everybody involved gets a little richer and certainly live very comfortable lives.

    The money paid to celebrities in every profession is vulgar and the movie reaped by the men in power at the top is downright obscene.

    The cost to make Ex Machina is about 5% what it cost to make Age of Ultron. That’s not to say we could have 20 movies like Ex Machina for every Ultron, because the industry economy doesn’t work that way. (frankly, to be real, neither the industry talent pool nor public interest could sustain 20 films like Ex Machina per year anyway.)

    but, honestly, there could very well be 20 undiscovered filmmakers like Alex Garland and Duncan Jones if the economics of Hollywood would seed theaters with more smart movies in the $5-$15 budget range. But instead, my smalltown local multiplex has handed over 5 of it’s 16 screens to Ultron this weekend, so Ex Machina got tossed out. Blink and you miss it.

  • Pete

    Ryan, to your point about Ultron hoovering up screens that indies could play on, the indie-haters still have the stones to turn around and say “see, indies don’t make any money”

    Eventually when cable collapses under its own weight, the 24/7 TBS/TNT/HBO viewings go bye bye, along with the sweet royalty checks. Wonder if losing that revenue stream might make studios, um, reluctant to bury their film budgets under megacontracts like Bobby gets (I mean, gross, really????)

  • Lily

    Man, he and Johnny Depp really seem to have been destroyed by money, haven’t they? They both had far more interesting, varied careers before they ascended to the level of movie star who gets paid really obscene amounts of money (that they certainly do not need) to do what amounts to sleepwalking on the set for them. Ugh. I used to like RDJ and thought he was really talented in things like Chaplin and Less Than Zero, etc. He may still have that talent- his performance in Tropic Thunder is still amazing. But his attitude, his smugness and entitlement is just so awful now. Who knows, he’s probably always been this guy. The one thing I can say about this is that at least he’s being honest and you rarely see that kind of candor in celebrities- I do appreciate if someone reveals the person they truly are (even if that person sucks) and we can see and judge them for that, rather than the phoniness and PR training that comes with so many people acting like robots with no real opinions about anything.

  • Joseph

    I’ve never liked Bob Downey. He just plays pompous in every movie – Iron Man / Sherlock Holmes – doesn’t matter. I know that’s what personality stars do – but it isn’t a draw for me.

    I’m more sad Far From The Madding Crowd didn’t open in my city than excited the Avengers is here.

    Re: Boyhood. Simplicity, truth and authenticity hardly ever get noticed. Not showy enough. It’s all about ego, desire, sex.

    Like the look of the new site Sasha.

  • Really? Another dig at Whiplash? You must really hate that movie, Sasha. I don’t even get it, honestly. It didn’t take away anything from anyone else (save perhaps for editing). Why does that movie bother you so much?

  • THE Diego Ortiz

    Geez. Y’all need to r-e-l-a-x

    He simply doesn’t want to pay for someone else’s movie. He’s cheap.

  • What Bob Burns said.

    Junior (and Johnny) would make a great update to Faust: sold souls awash in CGI.

    Good thing is, they don’t matter anymore.

  • UBourgeois

    So… what? He doesn’t like working on small films? He’s only had a few really good performances? He doesn’t like Birdman? He didn’t… voice enthusiastic approval of Boyhood? Aside from the really tasteless comment re: Inarritu, where is the objectionable material here?

    As much as I am always supportive of small film ventures, it’s no secret that they frequently aren’t as well-run as big Hollywood projects and that they don’t make as much money – that’s an entirely fair claim, and if that frustrates RDJ, then hey, he doesn’t have to play that game anymore. I’m really not sure where this is coming from. Is it just lashing out because another big superhero movie – apparently the scourge of the industry when in reality they’re just perfectly decent (if sort of repetitive) popcorn films – is hitting screens? I’m sure we’ll get another think-piece about how Marvel films are just made for teenage boys, which I’ll consider alongside the flood of status updates from my 20-something female classmates about how excited they are for Age of Ultron.

  • David

    Downey Jr has become so insufferable of late that I have been turned off seeing anything that has his name attached to it.

  • Homer

    Sorry but you can’t compare Downey Jr. with Depp…the first one is simply a movie star, since this Iron Man franchise started, he only did that and Sherlock Holmes, and then some bad movies like Due Date or The Judge where he simply plays himself…i think he still has talent and he proved in the past, but even has a fan of Marvel, he’s not even the lead in The Avengers, he’s not even a superhero anymore! I lost any kind of respect for him after his demonstration of arrogance…About Deep, i think he’s a fantastic actor and at least he does some different movies and he shows how versatile he is, but the problem with him is that his choices were terrible lately (The Lone Ranger, Transcendence, Mortdecai)…even when Jack Sparrow started, he had Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Alice In Wonderland or Dark Shadows, just some exemples…he’s one of the best actors right now and let’s hope that Black Mass will be a comeback for him…

  • Repulsive. Always has been.

    The rotten thing is that he’s only saying this shit now because he knows he can. What the fuck are we gonna do about it? We can complain all we like about this cunt’s smarmy attitude toward the shit that got him where he is today, but he’s still there, as rich and successful as he ever has been. He’s behaving like the twat he is cos nothing’s gonna come of it. He’s just gonna get the intellectuals, the liberals and the decent people in a tizz, and that’s only gonna make him even smarmier, and probably even richer, somehow.

    Also lol Jeremy Renner worked his way up to this career pinnacle lololol. Bitch just went hetero and waited for his time to come. Play it straight and henny you’ve got half the battle out of the way already.

  • Rob Y.

    So a whiny douche didn’t like what a self-absorbed pretentious twit director said? Oh boo hoo.

    And as Downey gets older he seems to be playing himself in the roles he takes? Well that works for Pacino and Nicholson, so why not Downey?

    Just my grouchy $.02

  • Iris

    I never liked him and lately he just gives me more reasons to do so.He thinks he is so cool doesn’t he?He only comes off as arrogant and a douche.And as another comment said you can’t compare him to Depp.Yes,Johnny did appear to make movies for money and big hollywood blockbusters but he never stopped doing small(Tusk,Yoga Hosers) and indie films(Lucky Them) now and then.He was already huge when he did The Libertine which is criminaly underrated.He never forgot where he came form.Furthermore he doesn’t even has 1/10 of Downey’s ego but he is a very humble person and appreciates what he is given.And even if his career isn’t going well for the last years he has Black Mass coming out which can bring him the oscar he so deserves.Downey is a good actor(more like super star) but not on the same league as Depp.The comparison between them has more differences than similarities.

  • phantom

    “for a man whose native tongue is Spanish to be able to put together a phrase like ‘cultural genocide’ just speaks to how bright he is”

    I have to agree with Sasha on this one. What an asshole. He IS a very good actor (Chaplin, Tropic Thunder, Zodiac, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man (first one, he phones it in in the rest)), he IS a huge movie star but that comment was ignorant (=fucking insulting). I think someone should tell him that a huge chunk of his money comes from people whose native language is not English. For example, 66% of the worldwide total of Iron Man 3 came from foreign countries and with few exceptions, from people speaking foreign languages. So he should show some respect for his audience because they sure show him some when all over the world they decide to spend their hard-earned money to see his films in a cinema near them. Not on their phones, not illegally on their computers, not on Netflix or on tv a few years later. In a fucking cinema. So again : he should show some fucking respect.

    P.S. In case you were wondering, no, English is NOT my first language.

  • Scott (the other one)

    He is acting like an ass, but my bigger concern is that it seems to be getting worse. If he hasn’t already, it looks like he’s heading for a relapse. I just hope he gets himself in check soon–not for the sake of his career, but for his recovery.

  • Alan of Montreal

    That was an awesome, inspired takedown, Sasha. I’m sure one day he’ll find himself needing to Indies again once Hollywood stops calling just to assuage his ego. And then, of course, no indie director will want to work with him because he’s so insufferable. So then what’ll he have to do to stay in the spotlight? REALITY TV!

    By the way, love the new design for the site–it’s much more iPod-friendly!

  • Mike Jones

    Please don’t become a celebrity gossip site. There’s too many TMZ’s and Salon’s full of angry journalists who want to smear artists. I don’t believe you are like them. You love films of all kinds, indies & blockbusters. You celebrate award season like a basketball commentator celebrates NBA Playoffs. You bring up great film discussions, but THIS? No. Robert Downey, Jr.’s ANSWER to Entertainment Weekly’s QUESTION should not be any of our concern. You don’t like his answer? Well that’s life. Unlike social media in life we can’t block or publicly humiliate people who have different opinions(yet). In real life we have to learn how to disagree and respect people for their different beliefs…well that’s what society use to do. Now the internet has trained everyone to jump on “I hate this person today because of what they said/did” band wagon

    Robert Downey, Jr. was talking about HIS experience with LOW BUDGET indie films, NOT all Indie films. He did Chef last year, I believe he would do an indie film in a heart beat if he trusted the production. He’s worked really hard to achieve this type of acting success, he’s paid his dues, why should he have to go back to un professional sets? Stop judging him unless you know the full story.

  • Aaron

    You’re so right about him, Sasha, and glad you said it. Downey is an
    arrogant a-hole, a modest talent at best and really in on a pass.
    He’s as smirky, insincere and superficial as his acting.

  • Jesus Alonso

    A2 was actually just mediocre, no wonder Downey Jr is coming back only for A3 and taking a break after Civil War. I do wonder if Civil War isn’t even going to end with Tony Stark’s death.

    A2 just shows off, how Marvel is in huge danger of following the steps of the Transformers franchise, it’s the first MCU film that seriously demanded its audience to be braindead, for full enjoyment.

  • Paul Hanlin Jr

    Nice to see Age of Ultron eclipse in one night what Boyhood made in its ENTIRE boxoffice run.

  • ^ People get satisfaction in the strangest of places

  • Not only does Downey not have to work on his birthday anymore, but he told Howard Stern that he spent a couple million bucks on his own 50th Birthday party. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to work on the Fourth of July! Ugh

  • Pete

    Paul Hanlin,

    Avengers made more money than all of Kurosawa’s movies put together, therefore according to your pea brain, Joss Whedon is a more accomplished director.

    Seriously, what crime did Linklater commit that little pissants like you can’t handle?

  • Chris138

    I’m genuinely curious as to what Downey would hate about a film like Boyhood. I haven’t heard the interview but I am surprised he would come off as showing obvious dislike of it.

  • Pete

    Chris, my guess is that Downey’s beef wasn’t with Boyhood, but with Linklater. Scanner Darkly was not at all a smooth production. Downey serms to be maintaining sobriety through grudges as much as paychecks.

  • Steven Kane

    I still like Downey as Iron Man these days but he’s basically become Tony Stark…or Tony Stark has become Robert Downey Jr. I miss the old new (or new old) RDJr of Iron Man 1, Tropic Thunder, Zodiac and the movie I believe brought him back into the spotlight (and is one of my favorite comedies) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The movie is so damn magical and plays to his sensibilities perfectly. But holy shit he’s getting very smug. I want the RDJr who appreciated the help of Shane Black and had the best year of his career (2008) and was visibly having fun.

  • UBourgeois

    One has to wonder what would have happened if RDJ took on that role in Inherent Vice like PTA originally wanted. Apparently he was down to do it, too. As good as Phoenix handled himself, I would’ve liked to see that…

  • Pete


    RDJ is the classic case of a “limo conservative”. He finally comes into money thanks to people giving him multiple extra chances in life and career, and he simply convinces himself that a) his rise up the ladder was solely all due to his hard work and b) his wealth is an indicator of his innate brilliance and superiority over all. He doesn’t look back on the Shane Black, Richard Linklater, etc. types as keeping his sorry ass career going during the whole junkie period. He looks at his paycheck for Avengers and sneers “man those guys suck”.

    The superhero genre will oversaturate and experience the same diminishing returns that fantasy did. Bank on it.

  • Nice to see Age of Ultron eclipse in one night what Boyhood made in its ENTIRE boxoffice run.

    Not only that, but British Petroleum earned more this weekend than all the dolphins in history have ever earned, so there’s another strange reason for you to be thrilled, Paul.

  • Birdienest81


    Nice to see Age of Ultron eclipse in one night what Boyhood made in its ENTIRE boxoffice run.

    Well then, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 has made more money than Boyhood did in its ENTIRE box office run, too. Does that make it the former superior to the latter? Me thinks not.

  • Birdienest81

    The superhero genre will oversaturate and experience the same diminishing returns that fantasy did. Bank on it.

    You’re correct. It seems that the every weekend MUST be a record-breaking weekend and if it comes up a teensy-weensy short (i.e. Ultron’s failure to beat it’s predecessor for opening weekend at the box office), then it’s a mild disappointment. I understand that the indie film industry can’t sustain cinema as whole, but I’m sick of Paul trashing the little people whether it be Boyhood, Birdman, or Hurt Locker, Pete.

    BTW, this is an interesting opinion piece from Owen Gleiberman:

  • Roberto from Italy

    RDJr is a prick.

    PS: Do we really need to reply to the box-office-obsessed guy every time? Good grief, he’s boring.

  • richonne

    I’m not surprised that he’s on douchebag rampage. Ponder this. Inarritu won 3 Oscars this year with a movie that takes down genre that’s RDJ bread and butter, since he has no relevancy outside of SH movies. Holmes, The Judge, Soloist, Due Date…all forgettable mediocrity or total crap. The Judge was supposed to be RDJ’s big return to Oscar game (producer and actor) but it was awfully bland Lifetime movie where he played Tony Stark personality yet again. Typical safe choice that his wife, who reportedly runs his career by picking (pedestrian) projects that won’t tempt his relapse (her words), selected for their brand spankin company Team Downey (such Team Edward/Team Jacob name, how mature). So that flopped while Inarritu triumphed. I bet that stings. Hence acerbic comment with xenophobic flavor. Birdman is exactly type of a movie that he can’t do (too close to home, wife would never approve) but would be good for his career (since it’s suffocating in repetitive-ness even since his one-two punch breakout in 2008).

    So, no, the guy isn’t happy. He’s 50, he’s supposedly the biggest star in the world yet top tier directors aren’t lining up for him. His filmography before 2008 breakout (Iron Man and Tropic Thunder) had names like Fincher and Linklater. Post 2008, he’s been working with Richie, Philipps and Dobkin. Yeah. That’s a huge difference. So what’s up? Big guns don’t want to put up with Marvel schedule or they don’t want Tony Stark shtick in their movies or don’t think he’s worth obscene paycheck? His super star counterparts have no trouble attracting best directors. Yeah, something is very off.

    So lashing out at indies. Considering that Scarlett had major critical success with Under the Skin just last year, and I don’t know if Her counts as indie but it certainly wasn’t big budget (another critical hit for her), there could be some jealousy on his part.

    BTW, someone said he’s taking a break after Civil War. You mean that movie that was supposed to be pure Captain America 3 but RDJ brought up the idea when Iron Man 4 negotiations fell through? So that’s extra Marvel gig he wasn’t supposed to take (could have turned down IM4 without suggesting where else he could be shoe-horned). And he’s also confirmed for Spiderman movie. So, nope, no vacation from Marvel.

  • RDJ is a great actor. My favorite performance of his was in RESTORATION. In fact there were a few great performances in that one. I would have had him win the Oscar for CHAPLIN. And he deserved every accolade for TROPIC THUNDER.

    I just got home from AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. I mean, it was crap. But I don’t think the movie going experience is for me anymore. The barcaloungers made my butt tired and I had to sit super close because they’ve just started reserved seating that I didn’t know about. I thought that was an atrocity that we’d done away with. But the whole thing makes me think, you know, I’m old. This stuff is for the millenials. Let them texts their hearts out with their feet up in the air while watching movie after movie of smashing and nonsense. It’s for them. Not us. The days of watching smaller films in the cineplex is gone. At least for those of us who don’t live in a major city. Times change. Quality is going to come from the TV screen one way or another. If it’s actual TV shows and TV movies or if it’s same day on demand, we’re going to watch the smaller stuff at home. That ship has sailed.

    As far as RDJ doing small independent movies. He doesn’t have to. There are plenty of actors out there who are starting out who can be in those movies. And if more established stars want to do it too, great. I took issue with Innaritu’s trashing of superhero movies during Oscar season because there are some great ones. So if now these two are in a tit for tat situation it was Innaritu who started the bashing. He insulted everyone who makes and enjoys superhero movies because he lumped them all into one basket. Now he’s getting it back. I didn’t understand how Innaritu made those comments last year without realizing he was bashing the previous work of his star in the process. But I still rooted for BIRDMAN to win.

    I didn’t hear what RDJ said about BOYHOOD. Lots of people didn’t like it. It doesn’t mean they all hate independent movies.

  • UKWatcher

    I assume you have seen the Channel 4 News Interview for Age of Ultron.

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