Macbeth screened on the last day in Cannes and earned raves both for Cotillard and Fassbender. That should launch them into the race for Actor and Actress, as expected. Guy Lodge’s elegantly written review has this wonderful paragraph about Cotillard:

A plum role for any actress, Lady Macbeth proves an exhilaratingly testing one for Cotillard, whose gifts as both a technician and an emotional conduit apparently know no linguistic barrier. Streaked with unearthly blue eye shadow — Jenny Shircore’s daring makeup designs are a constant marvel — and working in a cultivated Anglo-Continental accent that positions the character even more pointedly as a stranger in her own court, Cotillard electrically conveys misdirected sexual magnetism, but also a poignantly defeated sense of decency. It’s a performance that contains both the woman’s abandoned self and her worst-case incarnation, often in the space of a single scene. Her deathless sleepwalking scene, staged in minimalist fashion under a gauze of snowflakes in a bare chapel, is played with tender, desolate exhaustion; it deserves to be viewed as near-definitive.

And the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw:

As Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard are a dream-team pairing, actors who radiate charisma, perhaps more charisma than can be entirely absorbed into the fabric of the film. As ever, Cotillard is able to convey enormous amounts with her face without saying a word. Fassbender is arguably less good with Macbeth’s introverted vulnerability and self-questioning, but always effortlessly virile and watchable, responding to Macbeth’s outbursts of anger and imperious paranoia. When he dismisses the witches: “Infected be the air whereon they ride/And damned all those that trust them!” he tops it off with a whooping rebel yell. Paddy Considine is a frowningly vigilant Banquo and David Thewlis is Duncan, the sacrificial victim King smilingly presiding over the nation which sometimes looks focused on a pagan court and sometimes in a vast Christian cathedral from a later age.

This is what it needs to keep moving forward and should play well with ticket buyers drawn in for both leads and of course the Bard himself.

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  • Two of my favorite actors in two of the greatest roles–I can’t wait!

  • Christophe

    Wonderful! For the first time in years, films I was eagerly anticipating (Carol + MacBeth) are being lauded by critics (well, at least they’re not being panned) and their oscar prospects are looking really good!!!

    The curse is broken!!! I’m no longer a turkey oracle!!!

  • Sonja

    MacBeth is my favorite Shakespear drama. I’m glad this version is getting good receptions.
    Is Cotillard Leading or Supporting?

  • Bryce Forestieri

    My Post-Fest Top 10 Most Anticipated

    3. CAROL
    7. LA PATOTA
    8. MACBETH
    9. YOUTH

  • Roberto from Italy

    I saw Macbeth and I have to agree on Cotillard. She’s a magnificent Lady Macbeth, quite different on the screen than it is on Shakespeare’s pages, so all the more props to Marion for delivering a fantastic performance. On the other hand, I expected a bit more from Fassbender and the movie itself. Both are too heavy-handed to be a good match to the Bard’s writing. Cinematography is amazing, as are costume and set design, but the movie isn’t as good as the sum of its parts. I’d give it a 7/10.

  • Ryan C. Showers

    I hope they campaign Cotillard as supporting actress. Judging from the play, that’s where she should be. Judging from what we know now, Cotillard could sweep Supporting Actress. But my cynical side knows she’ll be campaigned as the lead actress.

    My early prediction is Cotillard will be MacBeth’s major acting nomination, and Fassbender will be nominated for Steve Jobs.

  • GoOnNow

    anything on Marion’s accent?

    Is she attempting Scottish? maybe RP?

    I hope it’s not her usual manner of slowly pronouncing almost every single word.

  • Roberto from Italy

    I’m not great at spotting accents but she doesn’t attempt Scottish. I think Fassbender kept his Irish accent too.

  • manrico1967

    “Is Cotillard Leading or Supporting?”

    My guess would be, if the movie relegates Lady Macbeth to supporting, then the play has been shred to pieces.

  • GoOnNow

    CAROL’s just won the Queer Palme d’Or, good tidings.

  • Do those of you who have seen it think Cotillard has a legit shot of getting an Oscar nom for this?

  • Roberto from Italy

    Marion is definitely a lead, although I’m not sure she’ll have many chances in the awards season.

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