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Pixar’s Inside Out Nearly Wipes out Jurassic World, Dope hits Top Five

Pixar’s Inside Out was in fewer theaters than Jurassic World but had almost the same per theater average, which means that if the movie had been in more theaters it very likely would have beaten the dino movie. Another surprise for the weekend is Dope’s impressive showing with 6 million. Dope was all the rage at Sundance and could be looking to rally for a screenplay nomination if nothing else. Although we know our pesky Oscar voters pretty well by now, don’t we? One has to psychoanalyze each critic when reading their reviews because there aren’t many trustworthy ones left – which is why the mixed Metacritic rating for Dope will inform its Oscar run only but will have zero impact on how the film sits over time. This is the new normal where film critics are concerned.