Room led the way at the Canadian Screen Awards today with 11 nominations. Director Lenny Abrahamson, Brie Larson and screenwriter Emma Donoghue all received nominations. In the TV category, Schitt’s Creek led with 14 nominations.

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television Awards will be handed out on March 13, 2016.

The Full List of Nominations are below :

Best Motion Picture / Meilleur film

  • Brooklyn – Pierre Even, Marie-Claude Poulin, Finola Dwyer, Amanda Posey
  • Corbo – Félize Frappier
  • The Demons | Les Démons – Philippe Lesage
  • Felix and Meira | Félix et Meira – Sylvain Corbeil, Nancy Grant
  • The Forbidden Room – Phoebe Greenberg, Penny Mancuso, Phyllis Laing, David Christensen, Guy Maddin
  • My Internship in Canada | Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre – Luc Déry, Kim McCraw
  • Our Loved Ones | Les êtres chers – Sylvain Corbeil, Nancy Grant
  • Remember – Robert Lantos, Ari Lantos
  • Room – David Gross, Ed Guiney
  • Sleeping Giant – Karen Harnisch, Andrew Cividino, Marc Swenker, James Vandewater, Aaron Yeger

Achievement in Direction | Meilleure réalisation

  • Philippe Lesage – The Demons | Les Démons
  • Maxime Giroux – Felix and Meira | Félix et Meira
  • Anne Émond – Our Loved Ones | Les êtres chers
  • Lenny Abrahamson – Room
  • Andrew Cividino – Sleeping Giant

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role | Interprétation masculine dans un premier rôle

  • Maxim Gaudette – Our Loved Ones | Les êtres chers
  • Christopher Plummer – Remember
  • Rossif Sutherland – River
  • Jacob Tremblay – Room
  • Jasmin Geljo – The Waiting Room

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role | Interprétation masculine dans un rôle de soutien

  • Waris Ahluwalia – Beeba Boys
  • Tony Nardi – Corbo
  • Irdens Exantus – My Internship in Canada | Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre
  • Nick Serino – Sleeping Giant
  • Patrick Hivon – Ville-Marie

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role | Interprétation féminine dans un premier rôle

  • Leah Goldstein – Diamond Tongues
  • Hadas Yaron – Felix and Meira | Félix et Meira
  • Karelle Tremblay – Our Loved Ones | Les êtres chers
  • Céline Bonnier – The Passion of Augustine | La Passion d’Augustine
  • Brie Larson – Room

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role | Interprétation féminine dans un rôle de soutien

  • Balinder Johal – Beeba Boys
  • Mylène Mackay – Endorphine
  • Christine Beaulieu – The Mirage | Le Mirage
  • Joan Allen – Room
  • Cynthia Ashperger – The Waiting Room

Achievement in Art Direction / Production Design | Meilleure direction artistique

  • Louisa Schabas – Felix and Meira | Félix et Meira
  • Galen Johnson, Brigitte Henry, Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski – The Forbidden Room
  • Ken Rempel, Kathy McCoy, Erik Gerlund – Forsaken
  • Arv Greywal, Steve Shewchuk, Larry Spittle – Hyena Road
  • Ethan Tobman, Mary Kirkland – Room

Achievement in Cinematography | Meilleures images

  • Yves Bélanger – Brooklyn
  • Sara Mishara – Felix and Meira | Félix et Meira
  • Rene Ohashi – Forsaken
  • Karim Hussain – Hyena Road
  • Danny Cohen – Room

Achievement in Costume Design | Meilleurs costumes

  • Joanne Hansen – Beeba Boys
  • Judy Jonker – Corbo
  • Christopher Hargadon – Forsaken
  • Katelynd Johnston – Hyena Road
  • Arabella Bushnell – Songs She Wrote About People She Knows

Achievement in Editing | Meilleur montage

  • Renee Beaulieu – Adrien | Le Garagiste
  • David Wharnsby – Hyena Road
  • Mathieu Bouchard-Malo – Our Loved Ones | Les êtres chers
  • Nathan Nugent – Room
  • James Vandewater – Sleeping Giant

Achievement in Make-Up | Meilleurs maquillages

  • Catherine Beaudoin – Anna
  • David Scott, Trina Brink – Backcountry
  • Gail Kennedy, Rochelle Parrent, Jojo Preece – Forsaken
  • Jayne Dancose, Debra Johnson, Charles Porlier – Hyena Road
  • Sid Armour – Room

Achievement in Music – Original Score | Meilleure musique originale

  • Michel Corriveau – Anna
  • Michael Brook – Brooklyn
  • François Dompierre – The Passion of Augustine | La Passion d’Augustine
  • Stephen Rennicks – Room
  • Chris Gestrin – Songs She Wrote About People She Knows

Achievement in Music – Original Song | Meilleure chanson originale

  • Peter Katz, Karen Kowsowski – 88 – “Where the Light Used to Be”
  • Martin Léon – Our Loved Ones | Les êtres chers – “Red and Yellow”
  • Noah Reid – People Hold On – “People Hold On”
  • Jenny Salgado – Scratch – A Hip-opera | Scratch – Un Hip-Opéra – “C’est aujourd’hui que je sors”
  • Kris Elgstrand – Songs She Wrote About People She Knows – “Asshole Dave”

Achievement in Overall Sound | Meilleur son d’ensemble

  • Sylvain Brassard, Arnaud Têtu, Pascal Van Strydonck, Olivier Léger – Adrien | Le Garagiste
  • Bernard Gariépy Strobl, Daniel Bisson, Jean-Charles Desjardins, François Grenon – Endorphine
  • Lou Solakofski, Ian Rankin, Joe Morrow, Russ Dyck, Graham Rogers, James Bastable, André Azoubel, Don White, Jack Hereen – Hyena Road
  • Lou Solakofski, Kirk Lynds, Kristian Bailey, Don White, Jack Heeren,
  • Rob Coxford, Peter Caristedt – Into The Forest
  • Bernard Gariépy Strobl, Daniel Bisson, Claude La Haye, Benoît Leduc – My Internship in Canada | Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre

Achievement in Sound Editing | Meilleur montage sonore

  • Benoît Dame – Adrien | Le Garagiste
  • Sylvain Bellemare, Claire Pochon, Jérôme Décarie, François Senneville – Endorphine
  • Mark Gingras, Jill Purdy – Forsaken
  • John Gurdebeke, David Rose – The Forbidden Room
  • Jane Tattersall, David McCallum, Martin Gwynn Jones, Barry Gilmore, David Evans, Dave Rose, Brennan Mercer, Ed Douglas,
  • Kevin Banks, Goro Koyama, Andy Malcolm – Hyena Road

Achievement in Visual Effects | Meilleurs effets visuels

  • Darren Wall – Borealis
  • Alain Lachance, Eve Brunet – Endorphine
  • Phil Jones, Sarah Wormsbecher, Eric Doiron, Anthony DeChellis, Lon Molnar, Geoff D.E. Scott, Nathan Larouche, Mark Fordham – Hyena Road
  • Eric Doiron, Sarah Wormsbecher, Nathan Larouche, Anthony DeChellis, Geoff D.E. Scott, Jason Snea, Joel Chambers, Kaiser Thomas, Lon Molnar, Rob Kennedy – Remember
  • Marcelo Alves de Souza, Paulo Barcellos, Adams Carvalho, George Schall, Luis Dourado, Emerson Bonadias, Diego Moreira, Luciano Santa Barbara, Thiago Sá, Luis Dreyfuss – Zoom

Adapted Screenplay | Meilleure adaptation

  • Josh Epstein, Kyle Rideout – Eadweard
  • Emma Donoghue – Room
  • Wiebke von Carolsfeld – The Saver

Original Screenplay | Meilleur scénario

  • André Turpin – Endorphine
  • Philippe Falardeau – My Internship in Canada | Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre
  • Anne Émond – Our Loved Ones | Les êtres chers
  • Benjamin August – Remember
  • Matt Hansen – Zoom


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  • Claudiu Cristian Dobre

    So, no Ronan? Seriously?… No screenplay nomination either?

  • jj

    It’s ridiculous, alright.

  • Paddy Mulholland

    How the fuck does The Forbidden Room fail to get into Best Director? See it if you get the chance – that film is THE visionary masterpiece of 2015. There’s never been anything like it. And how to excuse excluding it from Editing either? Or Cinematography? Or Screenplay? Or Cinematography? Load of bollocks!

  • Jamie Teller

    Come on, you can spare a couple more nominations for The Forbidden Room.

  • jjbir

    It is an unbelievable slight on Miss Ronan ( especially) and Mr Hornby. Both deemed Oscar worthy by AMPAS but not for the Canadian screen awards go figure?

  • Claudiu Cristian Dobre

    It’s very weird…

  • Li

    How come we can’t get Canadian TV in the US? Like we BBC shows on PBS, I would like to see some Canadian stuff.

  • Filmboymichael

    As a Canadian, I’m totally on board with nominations and even know a few nominees, but the award show itself is a huge stinker!

  • Dino

    A snub for local girl Rachel McAdams in Spotlight too.

  • Braulio Trujillo

    Ronan was far better in Brooklyn than Brie in Room. In my opinion, that’s clear.

  • Ronan wasn’t eligible since Brooklyn is a minority co-pro ($ is less than 50% Cdn) and neither the director/writer is Canadian. In these cases, only the Canadians may be nominated for the film. But Room is a majority co-pro (plus producer/writer Canadian), so it’s eligible for everything. (But yes, she’d deserve it!)

  • filmboymichael

    Not a snub – Spotlight wouldn’t be eligible for this award.

  • jjbir

    Thanks for the clarification, now it makes sense.

  • Steve Schweighofer

    Thanks for the tip, Paddy.

    Most of us up here have to wait until our own films are shown on demand or online – our cinemas don’t show them because they are chock-a-blok with American stuff.

  • Claudiu Cristian Dobre

    OK, thanks! Weird that the movie was eligible to be nominated, though. Strange to have different rules for different categories…

  • Paddy Mulholland

    Oh henny ditto. I’m just lucky cos I live a couple of blocks from the only arthouse in NI (and it’s a shitty excuse for an arthouse at that). The Forbidden Room’s out here later this month, but I saw it at LFF in October and FUCK ME is it good. It’s Guy Maddin’s best yet.

  • Bette

    Its on VUDU.

  • Wayman Wong

    We seem to get a handful of movies from France, Germany, Italy, etc., but why is so rare for any Canadian feature films to make their mark in America, let alone at the Academy? What are the best-known Canadian movies?
    (l’ll assume ”The Revenant” didn’t qualify, but it was largely shot in Canada, and used local actors, artisans, etc.)

  • Julia

    Because the Canadian movie industry is small. A lot Canadians work in film. They just don’t work in Canada – or not anymore. Someone like Denis Villeneuve just made a movie on Mexican-US American relations when his Canadian movies like Polytechnique or Happiness Bound are really super-Canadian. Some Canadian directors and actors have never worked in the Canadian film industry. (James Cameron, Mike Myers etc etc)
    Anglo-Canadian movies also have pretty bad commercial prospects. Add to this Sturgeon’s Law (90 percent of everything is terrible) and you should be more suprised by the movies that actually made it state-wide. (Incendies, Away From Her, The Sweet Hereafter, Mon Oncle Antoine, Videodrome, Jesus of Montreal, The Barbarian Invasions)

  • Alan of Montreal

    Eligibility for nominations in any category is based on whether or not the film was produced by Canadians/in Canada. It doesn’t matter whether individual actors or craftspeople are Canadian (hence, why Brie Larson and Joan Allen can be nominated this year but Rachel McAdams and Denis Villeneuve cannot)

  • Alan of Montreal

    If you’re in a border town, you can generally get some crossover of Canadian TV stations (though that might have changed now that everyone’s using digital boxes).

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