Contemporary Film

  • The Martian — Production designer: Arthur Max

Period Film

  • The Revenant — Production designer: Jack Fisk

Fantasy Film

  • Mad Max: Fury Road — Production designer: Colin Gibson

One-Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Series

  • Game of Thrones: “High Sparrow,” “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” “Hardhome” — Production designer: Deborah Riley

One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Series

  • House of Cards: “Chapter 29,” “Chapter 36” — Production designer: Steve Arnold

Television Movie or Limited Series

  • American Horror Story: Hotel: “Checking In” — Production designer: Mark Worthington

Half Hour Single-Camera Series

  • The Muppets: “The Ex-Factor,” “Pig’s in a Blanket” — Production designer: Denise Pizzini

Awards or Event Special

  • The Oscars: 2015 — Production designer: Derek Mclane

Multicamera Series

  • The Big Bang Theory: “The Skywalker Incursion,” “The Mystery Date Observation,” “The Platonic Permutation” — Production designer: John Shaffner

Variety, Reality or Competition Series

  • Key & Peele: “Ya’ll Ready for This?” “The End” — Production designer: Gary Kordan

Short Format: Web Series, Music Video or Commercial

  • Apple Music: “The History of Sound” — Production designer: Jess Gonchor
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  • Jamie Teller

    So all three awards went to Oscar nominees.

    I think Mad Max takes this.

  • Birdienest81

    Mad max is this year’s Hugo.

  • politicaldefiance

    Not sure about that. I could see The Revenant winning the Oscar for this category, as well as for Hair and Makeup.

  • Wayman Wong

    Wow, I’m happily surprised that ”The Revenant” won for Period Film. I’m glad the ADG voters were more perceptive than the naysayers who thought all ”The Revenant” did was shoot in found locations in the wilderness. They build an entire fort out of wood, Indian villages, trappers’ settings, a church, a mountain of bison skulls, etc.

  • GregoireNYC

    Not fair for Contemporary! Of course Martian had this. I feel like this opens up an intriguing possibility for either Revenant or Mad Max.

  • Wayman Wong

    Can someone tell me why ”The Martian” is in Contemporary? The film is set in 2032. Shouldn’t it be in Fantasy, alongside ”Mad Max,” ”Star Wars” and ”Tomorrowland”? And why isn’t ”Cinderella” in Period?

  • Guy Lodge

    Why shouldn’t “Cinderella” be in Fantasy?

  • Feli Mejía

    I actually think these two awards will be for Mad Max.

  • Feli Mejía

    Hmmm. it probably makes more sense to me that it should be in period.. although obviously not real, the setting is perfect, castles, a ball, prince, dukes, etc, etc

  • Wayman Wong

    To me, it looks like so many other period costume dramas. ”Cinderella”’ doesn’t seem to look as fantastical or as otherworldly as its competitors in that category.

  • Wayman Wong also reports that the Art Directors Guild also recognized the following artists:

    The ADG saluted 4 people for Lifetime Achievement: Oscar-winning production designer Patrizia Von Brandenstein (”Amadeus”); Oscar-nominated matte artist Harrison Ellenshaw (”The Black Hole”); scenic artist Bill Anderson (”The Sound Of Music”); and William J. Newmon II (”Poltergeist”), Hollywood’s first African-American set designer.

    Jeanine Oppewall introduced the 2016 ADG Hall of Fame inductees by saying, “It’s the year of the woman.” They are production designer Carmen Dillon, Oscar winner for 1948’s ”Hamlet”; production and costume designer Patricia Norris, a six-time Oscar nominee including for ”12 Years a Slave”; production designer and illustrator Dorothea Holt Redmond, who worked on ”Gone With the Wind” and ”The 10 Commandments,” and art director and set designer Dianne Wager, whose credits include ”Jurassic Park III” and ”Spaceballs.”.

  • Koleś

    I’d be devastated if Mad Wax won’t get this one. However Jack Fisk is a veteran and a legend in this particular trade. The industry might call the “due” card on this one, especially that according to many (including me) he was snubbed for “There Will Be Blood”.

  • PollyWa

    Only the film name appears on the ballot so being overdue rarely figures into tech wins (hi Roger Deakins!). MMFR has the edge here unless The Revenant sweeps below the line, which seems doubtful.

  • Koleś

    I would love to see MMFR sweep below the line, but something tells me these categories will be split right down the middle between Miller’s film and The Revenant. Kinda like Gladiator and CTHD, or Shakespeare and Private Ryan. But, like I say, I’d love to be wrong about this one.

  • Paddy Mulholland

    Mad Max has the advantage over The Revenant in Production Design (though not by much), Visual Effects and Costume Design (by a clear margin). It’s probably ahead for both Sound categories too. Makeup is a dead heat. It leads in Editing, though its closest rival isn’t The Revenant but The Big Short; ditto Visual Effects. where Star Wars is its closest (Star Wars could also contend for the Sound awards). Only in Cinematography does The Revenant have the lead imo, but if VFX goes to Mad Max then I’d expect Cinematography to as well. So, you see, not only may neither film sweep the tech awards as both could, but both may end up winning just a couple each.

  • PollyWa

    Just wondering … do screeners include extras or just the film and nothing else?

  • Jope Valverde

    i get what you saying. but that comment just seems wrong… lol

  • RobertRoss

    Yes to all of this. I’m also thinking Production Design might go to either The Danish Girl (heaven forbid) or Bridge Of Spies.

  • Lie

    Sometimes ADG doesn’t predict the Oscar winner, in 2012 Lincoln won the Oscar and Anna Karenina won the ADG. But I still think Mad Max Fury Road is the winner here, the momentum is all for it.

  • Lie

    This is the 3rd guild win for Mad Max Fury Road.

  • Lie

    The Revenant and The Martian are not winning this award at the Oscars.

  • Feli Mejía

    Why do you (and many people) think TR has the lead in Cinematography? Is it because it is Lubezki? Maybe theres’s something I can’t see but to me Mad Max looks amazing, more so than TR.

  • Velimir Petkov

    Happy for The Revenant as I predicted it. “Mad Max: Fury Road” does have a bit of an advantage though. BTW, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will win Best Visual Effects… Sounds will go to Mad Max. I would love it if Jack Fisk would win – maybe this win gives them the opportunity to reward him, especially if “The Revenant” goes on to win Best Picture. Not sure what will happen.

  • Andrew

    Noting that Revenant beat both of those here

  • Damian Pietrzak

    Wow. If Revenant is winning ADG then this film is really beloved in industry. Wonder why didnt won PGA? Surely lost by 1 or 2 votes…

  • JasonMovieGuy

    That doesn’t mean voters don’t know the business. Randy Newman won Best Song in 2001 for Monsters, Inc after losing over and over and it was a BIG deal. The song wasn’t that hot either, but I assume voters knew it was his time. Everyone know Morricone did Hateful Eight- unless they’re blind.

  • Gail Withers- Trained Psychic

    For those doubting my Martian predictions, here’s your proof. The momentum is already building. This movie is winning Big Time on Oscar night. So get ready.

  • John

    I keep figuring that Star Wars will win “something”. In my mind, best bet for it is Visual Effects. For one, the effects were excellent. Secondly, it feels like the type of movie that just WINS Visual Effects. Thirdly, if its not Mad Max for some reason, then its Star Wars.

  • Milli

    This is production design ? Nice to see the Martian popping up.

  • PollyWa

    BP films rule at the Oscars when it comes to VFX. Benjamin Button over The Dark Knight, Hugo over Rise of the Planet of the Apes etc. This year we have three BP/VFX crossovers: Mad Max, The Martian, The Revenant. Last year there were none so it was a bit of a free for all, although voters gave it to the most BP-ish nominee in the category (Interstellar). So yeah, Star Wars is possible but it would be unusual to beat three BP nominees.

    Also, VES guild awards are tomorrow. They have more categories but they’re a pretty good guide to the Oscars. The thing to look for is outstanding VFX in a film because MMFR, The Martian and SWTFA are going to head to head there. (The Revenant is in the “supporting” VFX category, Ex Machina is nowhere to be seen).

  • Happy for Jack Fisk, a Great One, though I think Eve Stewart deserved it.

  • RobertRoss

    I would have given it to Bridge Of Spies. I thought it was brilliant set design.

  • RobertRoss

    Lubezki will win but it’s not his best work. It’s kind of been there done that.

  • PollyWa

    That’s why I said “rarely”. It happens for actors but for tech awards people have to know who did the work and their history. Fisk is very well respected but this is only his second Oscar nomination. He’s not in Randy Newman territory yet.

  • John

    Happy for Jack Fisk. Loved The Revenant.

    But several other films deserved it for Period (nommed for ADG or not). Carol, Danish Girl, Crimson Peak, Cinderella, etc..

    Ecstatic for The Martian. Sad that it wasn’t nommed at the Oscars. It was great.
    Ecstatic for Mad Max: Fury Road. Well deserved.

  • John


  • Janet Manchin

    All I ask is that MM:FR win 9 out of the 10 Oscars its nominated for, losing only Best Picture to Carol (which wins via write in ballots). Though, if MM:FR wins BP too, I wouldn’t be mad. WHY CAN’T MY DREAMS COME TRUE?!

  • George Golden

    So with you on that one.TR is so underrated on this board its just a joke.If anything i think it will sweep at the oscars.

  • Pete Miesel

    As it’s been for a few weeks, it really is all DGA and nothing else.

    1. McKay wins DGA, Big Short rolls to best picture and maybe even pulls the five for five sweep
    2. McCarthy wins DGA, then we can deduce that it was a close second in PGA and it goes on to Best Picture.
    3. Inarritu wins DGA, then not only does Revanant win BP, it probably wins most of the tech showdowns with Max and Hardy wins to boot.
    4. Miller wins DGA, we spend the next few weeks trying to figure out just how Max could win BP without an acting or script nod.

  • Pete Miesel

    Interesting strategy by Team Mad Max in their guild speeches. Self-effacing, jokey, with a touch of “seriously, this was a car chase picture, isn’t this mad we’re doing awards shows”? Maybe Inarritu’s legendary overt seriousness is a weakness they’re trying to exploit?

  • Milli

    Where are you reading their speeches from ?

  • Cameron

    You will be disappointed.

  • Pete Miesel

    Deadline Hollywood had excerpts on their live blogs.

  • Janet Manchin

    You sound just like the fortune teller when I asked her losing my virginity.

  • GregoireNYC

    Did an actual Martian tell you this?

  • Cameron

    Yeah mine too, except I didn’t need a fortune teller to figure that out.

  • Jamie Teller

    I think Revenant could win Makeup pretty easily, but Max had the flashier production design and should pull out a win here.

    Of course, they botched the category by not nominating Crimson Peak.

  • Jamie Teller

    That would suggest it’s winning Cinematography.

  • Guest2015.

    Crock of shit, this is. Complete crock.

  • lincolnwuzrobd

    “they botched the category by not nominating Crimson Peak”

    You speak for milliona

  • Koleś

    I can actually see either The Revenant or Mad Max becoming the new Crouching Tiger. Either Inarritu or Miller get DGA just like Ang Lee did. The PGA and SAG are split, so BD goes to the SAG winner (Spotlight/Traffic) and BP goes to the PGA winner (The Big Short/Gladiator). It’s a long shot, but hey this year is almost as cooky as that one was.

  • aroncido

    The Revenant has very flashy and memorable cinematography. Also, they will (probably) give Mad Max most of the techs, so here is where they can award (most deservingly) The Revenant.

  • Derek Richmond

    Excellent. Hopefully this’ll translate to the Oscars and one of my two favorites will win. I’d be happy with either Revenant or Max but I’d probably give the edge to Max.

  • Cameron

    Star Wars again?

  • Pete Miesel

    If it’s a Crouching Tiger comparison, then it would be Mad Max. Max is one of the strangest BP contenders with a legit chance at BP/BD since then.

  • Cameron

    Yes, Marvin.

  • Paddy Mulholland

    I feel like Bridge of Spies’ ship has passed. Doubtful it even wins more than 2 BAFTAs now max. The Danish Girl was my second place, but now I think it’s The Revenant.

  • Paddy Mulholland

    So many reasons! It’s bound to win at least a few. It’s Emmanuel Lubezki and he’s a superstar cinematographer. The cinematography is THE star of the show in The Revenant, whereas in Mad Max it has competition for that title. And it’s lots of pretty, eye-catching shots of scenery, scenery, scenery, and the Academy finds that irresistible.

    The only thing that could help Mad Max’s case is that it stands a strong shot at winning Visual Effects. If it can win that one, chances are it wins this one too.

  • Paddy Mulholland

    VFX is a dead heat between Mad Max and Star Wars. Bear in mind that no non-BP nominee has beaten a BP nominee to that award since 1970.

  • Steven Kane

    You know…them first time Oscar watchers that try coming over from MTV/People’s Choice Awards.

  • Steven Kane

    But even his “not best” work still outshines most other work out there. But I am stuck between Revenant and Mad Max for the win, then again I haven’t seen Carol, Hateful 8 or Sicario. But based on trailers and stills this looks to be about the strongest slate of nominees since 2007.

  • Cameron

    I started with the Oscars so I don’t really get the obsession over blockbusters that some have. Nothing against blockbusters, they fulfill an essential need, and every once in a while a great one comes along – but acting butt hurt because your favorite one doesn’t get attention is just a waste of time and energy.

    The same goes for any film – blockbuster or otherwise. I’m pulling for Mad Max this year but if it loses I won’t go on a bender decrying the sorry state of Hollywood and the awards season because ultimately films live on in our hearts and minds and BluRay players, not through some stupid gold statuette.

  • Koleś

    Yup, and no acting nods.

  • RobertRoss

    I put Lubezki 6th in my lineup, after Son Of Saul, The Assassin, Mad Max, It Follows and Carol.

  • My Choices (aka The Forestieris):

    1. “Mad Max: Fury Road” (w)
    2. “Crimson Peak”
    3. “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence”
    4. “Ex-Machina”
    5. “The Assassin”

    And had I voted for this guild’s awards:

    Contemporary Film:

    1. “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence” (w)
    2. “Ex-Machina”
    3. “Blackhat”
    4. “The Martian”
    5. “Office”

    Period Film:

    2. “The Assassin” (w)
    3. “Bridge of Spies”
    4. “Queen & Country”
    5. “High Rise”
    5. “Phoenix”

    Fantasy Film:

    1. “Mad Max: Fury Road” (w)
    2. “Crimson Peak”
    3. “Hard to Be a God”
    4. “Maze Runner: Scorch Trials”
    5. “Bone Tomahawk”

  • Claudiu Cristian Dobre

    If it loses the DGA, we’ll know it probably didn’t…

  • Claudiu Cristian Dobre

    And if it wins the DGA… we still won’t know how close it was with the PGA. 🙂

  • Claudiu Cristian Dobre

    “2. McCarthy wins DGA, then we can deduce that it was a close second in PGA and it goes on to Best Picture.”

    Or finishes a close second again…

    “3. Inarritu wins DGA, then not only does Revanant win BP, it probably wins most of the tech showdowns with Max and Hardy wins to boot.”

    I completely disagree. The Revenant wins BD, Best Actor and maybe some techs, in this scenario.

    “4. Miller wins DGA, we spend the next few weeks trying to figure out just how Max could win BP without an acting or script nod.”

    It can’t.

  • Claudiu Cristian Dobre

    Doubt it. I think Soderbergh (whether for Traffic or Erin Brockovich) had been winning way more precursor BD awards than McCarthy. Or more important ones, at least. I’m not sure, though.


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