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Once you find love, can you ever let go? Watch the new trailer for The Light Between Oceans, starring Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, and Rachel Weisz. See the film in theatres September 2.

DreamWorks Pictures’ “The Light Between Oceans” is a heart-breaking drama about fate, love, moral dilemmas and the lengths to which one couple will go to see their dreams realized. Starring Academy Award® nominee Michael Fassbender, Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Rachel Weisz, Bryan Brown and Jack Thompson, the film is written for the screen and directed by Derek Cianfrance based on the acclaimed novel by M.L. Stedman. The producers are Academy Award nominee David Heyman, p.g.a., and Jeffrey Clifford, p.g.a., with Tom Karnowski, Rosie Alison, Jeff Skoll and Jonathan King serving as executive producers.

In the years following World War I, Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender), a young veteran still numb from his years in combat, takes a job as lighthouse keeper on Janus Rock, a remote island off the coast of Western Australia. As the island’s sole inhabitant, he finds comfort in the monotony of the chores and the solitude of his surroundings. When he meets the daughter of the school’s headmaster, Isabel Graysmark (Alicia Vikander), in the local town of Partageuse on the mainland, Tom is immediately captivated by her beauty, wit and passion, and they are soon married and living on the island. As their love flourishes, he begins to feel again, their happiness marred only by their inability to start a family, so when a rowboat with a dead man and infant girl mysteriously washes ashore, Isabel believes their prayers may have finally been answered. As a man of principle, Tom is torn between reporting the lost child and pleasing the woman he loves, and against his better judgment he agrees to let Isabel raise the child as their own, making a choice with devastating consequences.

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  • Al Robinson

    I want to like this trailer, but I so far haven’t. It looks like a beautiful film on screen, but I’m worried that the story will be too thin for me. But it could be because I’m confused by what’s really going on with the baby.

  • JP

    The book is fantastic. Cast is top notch. Director I really like. Can’t wait for this. I think Wiesz is probably looking at a supporting nom.

  • JP

    Read it.

  • Phantom

    I know trailers can be astonishingly misleading and films with excellent pedigree – acclaimed director, brilliant trio of actors – can turn out to be disappointing just like the backing of a big studio (in this case Disney) can backfire, as well.


    I read – and loved – the book.
    I loved the director’s previous two films.
    I saw glimpses of the performances that impressed me.

    Bottom line : even though I am trying to be cautiously optimistic, right now I am pretty much expecting a masterpiece (70+ Metacritic, Oscar nods in picture, director, screenplay, actor, actress, supporting actress) but whatever happens to the film (lukewarm, mediocre reviews) I have no doubt the performances will get recognition. My two cents.

  • Rodrigo

    Another great trailer … can’t wait!

  • Paddy Mulholland

    The studio has shown very little faith in the film though. Weird release strategy, having been held off with little clarity as to future plans until now. I’m not sold.

    hf Rachel Weisz however. She looks great as per.

  • Phantom

    I know, I noticed that, too about the studio but then again, isn’t a drama with an indie director, indie stars and low-budget, pretty much the opposite of what Buena Vista has been all about lately (= big budget tentpoles, mostly Marvel, Star Wars Disney Live-Action Reboots) ? Of course there is a possibility that they don’t have much faith in the film but I also think they may just not know what to do with it. I’m still shocked it didn’t end up with a mini-major, it looks and feels like something Fox Searchlight or Sony Pictures Classics would put out, not a fucking major like Disney. The producer (David “HP” Heyman) also baffles me, not because he isn’t good, more like because this kind of film has never really been his thing. Until now.

    Bottom line : The film either underwhelmed the studio OR the studio famous for four-quadrant, big-budget, tentpole-heavy family entertainment, suddenly realised that they have a dark, niche drama on their hands, a type of film that is remarkably off-brand for them yet somehow they have to (attempt to) sell it now.

  • Same–I liked Weisz, but not sold on the rest.

  • Same–something’s off for me. I trust Cianfrance though and I like actors, obviously.

  • Al Robinson

    I trust him too. The Place Beyond the Pines was terrific.

  • andrevellozo

    Getting the book tomorrow.

    Beautiful trailer. However, since this is Cianfrance directing, I think I’ll need an IV of Zoloft while watching this.

    His films have taught me to brace for heartbreak (I still can’t re-watch “Blue Valentine” to this day even though I loved it).

  • Ruth

    Cianfrance is well suited to the nature of the material, and the cast is great. The book itself is hard to condense into a trailer, but I have faith that the film itself can capture the moving spirit of the book. The central dilemma has to be somewhat vague in the trailer, the early lighthouse portions of the novel skipped through (understandably), certain characters and flashbacks left aside, and the Australian aspect muted. I dare say The Light Between Oceans as a book would sound fairly unremarkable in truncated trailer form, but if Cianfrance is afforded the time the adaptation deserves, it should prove a powerful tearjerker.

    In terms of Oscars, it could potentially fall by the wayside ala something like The Painted Veil or Bright Star, but the novel was a recent hit and the off-screen romance might also boost interest. It will be an uproad battle to get a Best Picture nomination, maybe too low key in some respects without the balance of humour, but audiences will take to it and there should be some reasonable attention in the acting categories. The remote setting (even by Australian standards) may prove the hardest sell from an awards perspective.

  • Braulio Trujillo

    Read the book last month and I loved it. I’m pretty sure the movie is gonna be really good as well. Alicia is so talented, Michael and Rachel are great too.

  • KT

    This looks amazing. Fassbender and Vikander have breathed life into far thinner material than this; the photography looks incredible; Rachel Weisz never disappoints; and this seems to blend a meaty dramatic plot with the kind of big, heartfelt romance Hollywood hasn’t done enough of in a long while. Obviously only the film will tell, but this is on my most-anticipated list.

  • JP

    I’ve seen Blue Valentine once…the day it opened in theaters. I won’t watch it again but it’s among my favorites of the past decade for sure. It’s just too emotionally raw to go through again. My god I love Michelle Williams.

  • keiferschultz

    Looks worthy. I recently saw “The Place Beyond the Pines” and was really impressed. A shame that AMPAS ignored that film.

    I agree with the talk about Rachel Weisz – she looks like a BSA contender just by this trailer. She was so good in “Youth” (and ignored); everybody was talking about Jane Fonda in that film, but it was Weisz who really shone in that movie last year.

    And she’s one of the best actresses working today. She makes good choices with her material.

  • Jimmy

    Rachel Weisz looks amazing! Can’t wait.

  • Sorry, all I care about here is Rachel Weisz, the best supporting actress of 2015 (Youth and The Lobster).

    That Oscar for The Constant Gardener was NOT a fluke. Her best work was still to come – and it has come.

  • Sarah Ingersoll

    I loved “The Place Beyond the Pines” and was disappointed that it was overlooked. It was one of my top picks of the year it was released (brain fart here).

  • Steven Kane

    Her role in Youth was great but there wasn’t a lot of screen time. The Lobster is phenomenal but I don’t think it was even eligible for the 2016 Oscars was it? Maybe I’m wrong but I’m seeing more and more review coming out for it now.

  • Steven Kane

    That movie deserved a few Oscars for the acting. Seeing it at Sundance with a film-loving crowd…oy that was an experience. It’s hard for me to watch it again now though after having seen it twice. There’s so much heartache in there.

  • It was released in the US this year, but it was released in its native UK, Ireland and Greece last year.

    I think Weisz was a full-on supporting character in Youth, much more so than Fonda, who had just a cameo and also garnered all the Oscar buzz throughout the year.

  • Steven Kane

    I thought Fonda was okay but was ultimately baffled by people predicting her to be nominated. Out of the two of them Weisz was miles ahead.

  • Chris Price

    This is a good one, very much in keeping with Cianfrance’s MO as a dramatist. Great chemistry between the two leads and Weisz is fantastic as usual. I highly recommend.

  • Chris Price

    If you got anything out of Pines or Blue Valentine you’ll find plenty to appreciate here. I promise!

  • I expect so!

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