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Benjamin Hollingsworth Talks Eric Roberts’s Return to ‘Code Black’

Code Black‘s Benjamin Hollingsworth talks to ADTV’s Megan McLachlan about Wednesday’s harrowing episode.

Remember when NBC’s E.R. would crank out a very special, everything-goes-wrong episode (like when a helicopter fell on Dr. Romano, after it already took his hand!)? Well, that’s every episode of CBS’s Code Black, where every day at Angels Memorial Hospital is disastrous. (“Code Black” signifies a hospital that is overcrowded with patients and understaffed with resources.)

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Benjamin Hollingsworth plays Mario Savetti on the series, and in November 2’s episode titled “Landslide,” you guessed it, a landslide sends an influx of patients to the Los Angeles hospital. But one patient Savetti doesn’t count on seeing is his father, played by Eric Roberts, who returns after appearing in the episode “Life and Limb.”

Megan had a chance to speak with Hollingsworth about this episode, what’s in store for Mario, and whether my favorite character will survive.

He’s such a powerful actor, one that’s been around for a very long time. He’s magnetic. He brings something that I really get to play off of. You see this connection that a father and a son have, both of them want the same thing. Eric has a very charming, charismatic way of playing Vince. I think it’s going to make for great TV. – Benjamin Hollingsworth on working with costar Eric Roberts

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