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Oscar Ballots Sent out Today – Dear Oscar, Hear my Plea!

It’s a tradition round these parts to send out our pleas to Oscar voters who will be receiving their ballots today (although I think online balloting has been available already).  It’s a very short window, until January 13th, that ballots have to be in. It all comes down to right now.  Here are three examples.

Dear Oscar, hear my plea – Denzel Washington has been acting and contributing to Hollywood for decades. He is one of the most versatile and talented people working today. He has directed by far one of the bet films of the year. Bringing August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning Fences to the big screen with such loving care as he did – well, that’s more than just Best Actor.  Please consider him for Best Director.

Dear Oscar, Hear My Plea – I know it’s asking a lot for two Best Director nominations, but Denis Villeneuve’s masterful Arrival also did the impossible – he brought Ted Chiang’s detailed short story to vibrant life on the big screen with one of the most moving, most visually stirring, best films of this year.

Dear Oscar, Hear My Plea – Why are you always overlooking Tom Hanks? So he won two Oscars back to back, I don’t get why year after year his brilliant work is ignored? He’s not only great as Sully Sullenberger but he’s the hero we need right now. Please consider him for Best Actor. He deserves it. Ten times over.

Dear Oscar, hear my plea – Jeff Nichols made two great movies this year with Midnight Special and Loving, the latter ought to be recognized for Best Picture but it will need number one votes to get there. It’s one of the best films of the year, timely and not overdone.

Okay, Oscarwatchers, your turn.