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One Last Look Back, a Tribute to Hillary by Tess Rafferty

Oh boy, what a hideous year. There are no words. But for those of us who turned ourselves inside out to try beat back the forces at play (let’s not get into it) to keep the environment, the world, the citizens, healthcare safe must say goodbye. Tess Rafferty has an ongoing series of stories imagined from Hillary’s voice. They’re wonderful. Here is Hillary Clinton’s Day Off:

Hillary Clinton's Day Off from Steve Cohen on Vimeo.

Writes Tess: “I realized that I enjoyed writing about what she might be doing so much, I wrote a whole essay about it. And I enjoyed that so much, I couldn’t stop and wrote 2 more. And then I performed them all in one night. It made me strangely happy in a way I hadn’t been since 11/8/16. It was like having a beloved pet pass away and just wanting to know they were in a better place. That’s how the stories make me feel: like Hillary is in a better place.”