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Academy Releases New Rules for the 90th Academy Awards

There are two main changes – the first is that multi-part series documentaries will no longer be considered (probably because OJ Made in America tipped the scales in a way that made it impossible for regular docs to compete) — unfortunately that means Five Came Back won’t be considered for the Oscars, though it will likely be rewarded elsewhere. In the animated category, the entire branch is now eligible to nominate – which is interesting and opens things up a bit more.

For the first time, nominations voting in the Animated Feature Film category will be opened up to the entire eligible voting membership.  Invitations to join the nominating committee will be sent to all active Academy members, rather than a select craft-based group.  Voting in the nominations round will now be preferential instead of based on a numerical scoring system.  Members participating on the nominating committee may view films in their theatrical runs or at other screenings, through the Academy’s streaming site or on DVDs/screeners to qualify to vote.

In the Documentary categories, multi-part or limited series are not eligible for awards consideration.  The Documentary Branch Executive Committee will resolve all questions of eligibility and rules.

The full list of rules can be read here.