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Is Netflix’s ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Still Unbreakable In Season 3?

In the first two episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3, our plucky heroine makes a life change. Is she overshadowed by another cast member?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of the most joyous shows around, so it’s thrilling for it to return just in time for summer. It has its own groove and rhythm, and sometimes feels like you watching people in an entirely different world. Every time the show has returned, I find it’s hard to actually throw myself back in with these characters. It’s not a criticism, but an endorsement. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is unlike anything else on television.

When we last left Kimmy, she discovered that the marriage between her and Reverend Wayne Gary Wayne (played once again to dimwitted perfection by Jon Hamm) was legitimate, and Titus skipped on his chance to perform on a cruise. They roommates don’t spend too much time with one another in the first two episodes, but both Kimmy and Titus make a decision that may take their lives in a new direction.

Kimmy Schmidt
(Photo: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix)

Now that Kimmy has a high school diploma, she’s wants to further her education. “Most white girls go to college,” Lillian tells her in the premiere, so she begins applying for colleges. Her aptitude tests tell her that her most ideal job is a crossing guard, so in true Kimmy fashion, she throws herself into becoming the best crossing guard around! How Ellie Kemper makes Kimmy lovable without becoming cloying remains one of television’s greatest mysteries.

Burgess’ Titus that makes the biggest impression over the first two episodes screened. The only thing I will say about the premiere is that Titus considers an unmentionable act with a puppet in order to land a gig on Sesame Street. It’s bonkers. In Episode 2, Titus sees his boyfriend Mikey go into his apartment with another guy and has a Beyonce-level meltdown. Not only does Titus galavant around the streets of New York with a baseball bat, but he also recreates Queen Bey’s “Sorry” with such hilarious aplomb that Emmy attention must be paid! It’s rather unsettling that this comic tour-de-force doesn’t have multiple Emmys for this performance.

Final Verdict

Talking about how funny Kimmy Schmidt is simply doesn’t do it justice. I admit that it took me a few viewings to get me back into the show’s lovable, bouncy tempo. After I adjusted, I only wanted more. Other actors wouldn’t be as willing to throw themselves into this type of comedy. This ensemble could do it in their sleep.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 drops Friday on Netflix.