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‘Making a Scene with James Franco’ Returns June 26

INE Entertainment releases third season trailer of Making a Scene with James Franco, returning this summer on Blackpills.

The Emmy-Nominated Short-form Digital Series Returns on June 26, 2017 via Blackpills

The new season of Making a Scene with James Franco releases a trailer ahead of its first episode airing on June 26th, 2017 on new streaming platform Blackpills. James Franco returns to the helm of the Emmy-nominated series that reimagines and satirizes some of pop culture’s most memorable television shows, movies and music videos. Commissioned by Blackpills, the hit experimental digital series is produced by INE Entertainment and Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Productions.

Expanding on Seasons 1 and 2, which focused on famous movies and television shows respectively, Season 3 follows Franco and his team as they create episodes utilizing a variety of popular content, including music videos. The focus of each episode in Season 3 was randomly determined by a dart board and the show’s reoccurring staple, a spinning wheel.

In a joint statement, Executive Producers Vince Jolivette and Eric Day, said, “We hope fans of the show are as excited to make the jump to Blackpills as we are. We’re in the company of some great directors and talent on Blackpills and as such James and all of us worked very hard in this third season to bastardize the work of each and every one of them. Fans are going to love it.”

Composed of ten 10-minute episodes, the new season includes shorts such as, “Beyoncé Express,” starring James Franco in a humorous collision of Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Pineapple Express; “Like a Spidervirgin,” a satirical, tongue-in-cheek mashup of Spiderman and Like a Virgin; and “Anaconda Scissorhands,” a parody fusion of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and Edward Scissorhands. This season boasts an impressive list of notable guest stars, including Josh Peck, Juno Temple, Liza Koshy, Brandon Rogers, Toby Tuner, Brittany Furlan, Kian Lawley, and Lia-Marie Johnson.

“Working with James Franco and his entire team has been incredible,” says Patrick Holzman, co-founder of Blackpills. “Both of our visions align so clearly, truly reflective how millennials actually want to watch their content. Who better to add raw, artistic expression to Blackpills than James Franco.”

Season 2 of Making a Scene with James Franco was nominated in 2016 for the first ever Outstanding Short Form Variety Series Emmy Award. The series is Executive Produced by James Franco, Vince Jolivette and Jay Davis for Rabbit Bandini and Eric Day, Mark Koops and Jennifer Heftler for INE Entertainment. Making a Scene with James Franco was packaged by CAA.

(Photo: INE Entertainment/Rabbit-Bandini Productions)
(Photo: INE Entertainment/Rabbit-Bandini Productions)