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Diving into the 2017 Emmy Nominee Pool


The Water Cooler gang and Jalal Haddad give their reactions to this morning’s 2017 Emmy nominee class. What nominations most surprised them?

The Emmys® are finally here. HBO’s Westworld and NBC’s Saturday Night Live each led this 2017 Emmy nominee class with 22 bids each. FX’s Feud and Netflix’s Stranger Things followed close behind with 18 each. Team ADTV assembled this afternoon at the Water Cooler to work through the nominations. What surprised us? What disappointed us? Who’s leading into next month’s final round voting?

As this is a special edition, we forego the traditional Water Cooler Podcast features. Check back with us on Monday for our regular podcast edition.

Note: On the podcast, we incorrectly state that Alec Baldwin missed out on a nomination for hosting ABC’s Match Game. He did indeed receive the nomination, making him a double nominee today.

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