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Detroit Gets a Hollywood Style Premiere in Motor City

Without much publicity of fanfare out there in Hollywoodland actual, Detroit had its premiere at the Fox Theater with cast members John Boyega and Anthony Mackie in attendance, Martha Reeves was there. Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal also attended.  Survivors of the civil unrest also attended. You can already feel the simmering of tension as the film gets ready to open. Prepare for it to be attacked, as any film that isn’t written by, directed by and starring white men often does now. It will be caught in the middle of both the black and white communities – it says too much, it doesn’t say enough. It has this right, it has this wrong. And it spark many great discussions, no doubt, but as always the burden is too high, the water too heavy to carry to right all of the wrongs with one movie. I hope people see it because the story is bigger than anything else that will swirl around it.

Here are some photos but the rest can be found here.