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Netflix’s ‘Disjointed’ Boasts a Pot-dealing Kathy Bates

Netflix’s newest sitcom Disjointed stars Kathy Bates as the proprietor of a Los Angeles-based cannabis dispensary. The series drops August 25.

Putting her horror stories behind her for now, Kathy Bates stars next in Netflix’s pot comedy Disjointed. Calling this a “workplace comedy” feels like a massive stretch. Still, you can literally never count out Kathy Bates. Is she an early candidate for next year’s Comedy Actress race? Will she be the one to finally take down Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

We’ll see what shakes down when the series premieres August 25.

Disjointed is a workplace comedy starring Kathy Bates as a lifelong advocate for legalization who’s finally living her dream as the owner of an L.A.–area cannabis dispensary. Joining her are three budtenders, her twenty-something son and a deeply troubled security guard. All of them are more or less constantly high.