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Get Out, Call Me by Your Name and The Florida Project Get Boost from Gothams

This is turning out to be an already strange year, but the first award announcement out of the gate has definitely given a boost to Get Out, as Tomris Laffly said on Twitter. While it seemed like it would be getting a major FYC push, this looks to be the first indication that it will get love from the critics as well — always a good thing for a dark comedy breaking into the Oscar race.

Call Me By Your Name and The Florida Project seemed like sure bets for the Gothams, in which each category is chosen by only five people. It was a bit surprising that Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird had nominations for screenplay, actress and director yet missed Best Picture. It will probably do well at the Spirits.

Since 2009, Best Picture has included up to, but no more than three nominees that match Gotham nominees. With these five named for Best Picture, the three that seem most likely at the moment are Get Out, Call Me by Your Name and The Florida Project, with I Tonya as a dark horse nominee and Get Out perhaps still a long shot.

Get Out now has Gotham nominations in Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor. In fact, Get Out is the only film that has a Picture and Director nomination of all of the films nominated today.

Willem Dafoe lands in the Best Actor category, as the Gothams don’t have supporting categories, and James Franco gets a well-deserved boost as Tommy Wiseau in the Disaster Artist. Dafoe will of course go supporting for the Oscars. Harry Dean Stanton gets a posthumous nomination for Lucky and Adam Sandler is in for The Meyerowitz Stories. Robert Pattinson, who has been widely praised for Good Time, has a serious shot at his first Oscar nomination with this role.

All in all, though, this is a good day for Get Out. This will give it a big moment in the press at exactly the right time.