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A Water Cooler Podcast 2017 Thanksgiving


The Cooler Gang gathers ’round the water cooler to give thanks for the great things in 2017 in our Water Cooler Podcast 2017 Thanksgiving edition.

This week, we’re setting aside all of 2017’s negativity. We’re putting away the sorrow. We’re packing up the depressing thoughts. To replace them, we’re opening up boxes of thanksgiving. So, join us around the Water Cooler for A Water Cooler Podcast 2017 Thanksgiving. We talk about the 2017 events in pop culture that we’re most thankful for: movies, books, music, or, of course, television. What events over the course of a dark year do we fondly remember? What about you our listeners? Surely there are some… Right?

Before opening up to positivity, TV Tidbits once again dips into YET ANOTHER sex scandal. This time, the New York Times revealed Louis C.K.’s sordid past, masturbating in front of five women following a comedy festival in Aspen, Colorado.  We talk about what makes this story different from recent allegations. Then, over the weekend, Girls Trip’s Tiffany Haddish hosted Saturday Night Live. Was it a success and why aren’t there more African-American female hosts? Finally, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend took a dark turn last week. Joey recaps the episode for us.

We close our podcast, as always, with the Flash Forward to the television we’re most anticipating in the upcoming week.

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5:27 – TV Tidbits
30:43 – A Water Cooler Podcast 2017 Thanksgiving
55:38 – Flash Forward