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2017 NBR Prediction Contest Winners

The National Board of Review threw quite a few curveballs at us awards watchers on Tuesday, but there were still a few savvy peeps out there who managed to separate themselves from the rest of the pack when it came to predicting how the NBR would go this year.

Congratulations to our five winners, who managed to score nine out of a possible 19 points. Please email to collect your prize.

Jozef Cepe
Stephen Milek
Chelsea Eicholz
PJ Edwards
Tom Hardej

And a job well done to these runners-up who went eight for 19:

Chris M
Gabriel Guint
Corey Craft
Jeff Dresback
Dominique Le Rudulier
Mickey Van Drehle
Sam Law
Frank Muller
Luke Mosseau
Sean Troutman
Daph Bajas
Ezinne Nzewi

Our first contest of this season drew a respectable 285 entries. Here’s a histogram of how everyone’s scores were distributed:

NBR Contest Results