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AFI Top Ten Preview

The American Film Institute will announce their top ten films of 2017 tomorrow. Ever since the reintroduction of the preferential ballot and the expanded Best Picture lineup in 2009, AFI has matched the Academy’s Best Picture lineup from anywhere between five and eight out of 10 films per year. It really depends on the year, how the race goes down, whether it changes horses mid-stream or holds a steady pace. We don’t really know right now how it will go but it could go something like this:

Pretty sure about:
The Shape of Water
The Post
Lady Bird
Get Out

And mostly sure about:
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Darkest Hour
The Big Sick
The Florida Project
Alt: The Disaster Artist or Coco

What we don’t know is if Call Me By Your Name is eligible or not. If not, they might give it a special citation like they did with the King’s Speech and The Artist (which they are obviously going to do).

How about you, Oscarwatchers? What are your predictions for AFI’s Top Ten?