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No Guts, No Glory – Golden Globes Noms Edition!

Okay, Oscarwatchers – tomorrow at the crack of dawn the Hollywood Foreign Press will announce their nominees. It’s a wacky year already, with the critics dividing up the wins film by film. That makes it a wildly unpredictable race – at least it seems so right now. One movie might win the major guilds and that will be that. Right now, though, we need some clarifying. Maybe the Globes will do that.

But we know the Globes are going to bring some upsets. We know because they almost always do. This is your chance to predict those upsets. You have three choices. Let’s see if anyone can nail them down. Here are mine:

1) Downsizing is nominated for film, director and screenplay.
2) Wonder is nominated for Best Film, Best Supporting Actress Julia Roberts
3) Dee Rees is nominated for Best Director