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“Predict the 75th Golden Globe Awards Nominations” Contest Winners!

We had 709 entries in our “Predict the Golden Globes Nominations” contest this year, and although the HFPA added a knuckleball to the many breaking pitches already thrown our way this season (especially with their embrace of All the Money in the World), there were a couple of you who still managed to outscore everyone else.

Without further ado, congratulations to our winners, Christopher Klugman and Yan M! These two scored an impressive 44 out of a 55 possible points and share our grand prize. Please email to claim your prize.

And here are the runners up, who went 43 out of 55:

Beau Bratcher
Joao Garcia
Patrick Gardner
Henry Heistand
Adam Mincks
Franck Nesme
Flavio Pamplona

A shout out to these three entrants who predicted Ridley Scott would get in for Best Director:

Giora Arie
Juan Carlos Jimenez
Mike Spreter

Finally, these seven correctly anticipated Christopher Plummer would set a new land speed record in obtaining a Globes nomination just weeks after shooting his scenes:

Claudio Alves
Gustavo Cruz
Tyler Gibson
Juan Carlos Jimenez
Carl Papa
Daniel Rosenberg
Mike Spreter

Here’s the overall distribution of scores:

Globes Nominations Contest - Score Distribution