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“Predict the 24th SAG Awards Nominations” Contest Winners!

With the exception of Steve Carrell getting a supporting nomination for “Battle of the Sexes” (which, unfortunately, NO ONE predicted in this contest), this year’s SAG nominations didn’t really toss too many “WTFs” our way, especially when compared to the Globes. There were a few surprises that further muddled up this year’s quagmire of an Oscar race, but the median score in our predictions contest was 16 out of a possible 25, so most people did reasonably well.

Congratulations to our winner, Robert Wheaton, who was the only entrant who broke into the 20s and correctly predicted 20 out of the 25 nominees! Please email to claim your prize.

Here are the runners up who scored 19 out of 25:

Miles Bisher
Marshall Flores
Brad Ellickson
Jim Gutsche
Chris Herlihy
Mike Newquist
Todd Reeves

And here is the score distribution of the 421 entries in this contest:

SAG Contest - Score Distribution