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Final Day of Voting, Dear Oscar Hear My Plea!

This is your chance to throw it out there to any Academy members who might read this site — and might scroll down the comments and read YOUR BEST TAKE on what film or contender you’d like to see honored. You all know my favorites. And alas, some will make it, some won’t. I already had to say goodbye to Battle of the Sexes, which I loved dearly. But here goes:

Dear Oscar, hear my plea – don’t make the mistake of ignoring Dee Rees’ important, beautiful, next level film that cashes on the check of promise given to her once from the Gotham’s when she won “breakthrough director” for Pariah. Mudbound is the kind of film the Oscars were invented to honor. Rank it at number one if you like it at all to give it a fighting chance.

And while you’re at it, how about Wonder Woman? Make that THREE, count ’em, THREE films directed by women that were a big deal in 2017! Make history!

Okay, your turn, Oscar watchers!