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Team ADTV’s Never Fail 2018 SAG Awards Predictions

Team ADTV offers their predictions on the 2018 SAG Awards in the television categories. Will anyone new win or will repeat winners rule the night?

Sunday night’s 2018 SAG Awards ceremony could go one of two ways in the television races. One, easier to fathom path finds the Screen Actors Guild dubbing familiar faces as the best performers of 2018. Think Big Little Lies‘ Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard. Think The Handmaid’s Tale and Elisabeth Moss. Or This Is Us‘s Sterling K. Brown. These Emmy and Golden Globe winners will likely take home 2018 SAG Awards trophies on Sunday.

Or SAG could go completely rogue.

Limited Races

Three actresses from Big Little Lies compete against each other in the Female Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series race. Given the lack of a supporting category, Laura Dern now faces both Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. Will Laura Dern, something of a Hollywood class president, prevail against Kidman? On the Male Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series race front, Jeff Daniels’ surprise nomination for Netflix’s Godless makes him something of a wild card. We’ve not seen him compete in this category. Common logic advises that Skarsgard prevails here, but of all television categories, this one feels primed for an upset.

Drama Races

On the drama front, it’s difficult to imagine anyone but Elisabeth Moss taking home the trophy. Her Handmaid’s Tale performance dominated all awards since premiering last Spring. Hard to imagine anyone beating her at this point even though The Crown‘s Claire Foy won here last year. The Crown Season 2 looks to be better received given its early guild attention, so don’t rule her out but go with Moss. Same with Sterling K. Brown. He too feels like an unstoppable force partially because he’s great in the show and partially because no one has really rallied around any of his competition.

Comedy Races

The comedy series looks to be the most fluid of the night. Actors seem to love GLOW, giving it four nominations including a surprise nomination for Marc Maron in the Male Actor race. SAG usually doesn’t sweep, but if GLOW wins Comedy Ensemble as it is predicted to do, then it seems likely an actor goes along for the ride. Maybe it’s Maron? His nominated co-star Alison Brie faces Julia Louis-Dreyfus who could face a surge of sympathy given her recent battles with breast cancer. And never count out William H. Macy who seems to pick up a trophy every other year for his dark comedy work on Showtime’s Shameless. Or Sean Hayes whose expanded role in NBC’s Will & Grace revival received the show’s only nomination. Plus, he’s just really funny on the show, stretching his comic chops to career-best heights.

Here are Team ADTV’s predictions in the major SAG categories.