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Box Office Check In – Dunkirk and Get Out Still Champs

When it comes to box office this year, Dunkirk at $188 and Get Out at $176 seem untouchable in terms of overall take. Get Out can’t be beat in terms of its budget, $4.5 million, versus how much the film made – what a triumph for first timer Jordan Peele. But beyond that, how are things looking for our Best Picture contenders? Here is how they’re ranked in terms of domestic box office.

The Post $68 million
Darkest Hour $49 million
The Shape of Water $45 million
Lady Bird $44 million
Three Billboards $42 millions
Phantom Thread $14 million
Call Me By Your Name $12 million

All in all, they’re doing what Best Picture winners nowadays, post preferential ballot – as in, they hover in the mid-range. As we can see:

Moonlight: $27 million
Spotlight: $45 million
Birdman: $42 million
12 Years a Slave: $56 million
Argo: $136 million <-----exception The Artist: $44 million The King's Speech: $138 million <---exception The Hurt Locker: $17 million