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Waiting out the Writers Guild Tonight – Haiku for You?

Tonight the WGA will likely shape what the narrative for this year will be. Obviously it makes the most sense for that to be the “year of the woman.” The WGA will have a chance to say “see, we award women!” In an ordinary year, this screenplay award would belong to Greta Gerwig who would win it as Jane Campion did, as Sofia Coppola did in the years they were nominated for picture and director. But this is a strange year because all of the Best Picture heat is in the writer/director camp – and original screenplay. That means that for Greta Gerwig to take screenplay, Jordan Peele might not, and vice-versa. Or they might cancel each other out and The Shape of Water takes it. Either way, it’s confounding. The Gold Derby folks are saying Lady Bird. I think we here at Awards Daily are saying Get Out. I don’t know how it will end but I wish there were more awards to go around is all.

And here are some haikus for your entertainment. Feel free to add your own.

It’s Oscar season.
I can stand it if you can.
Vodka and soda?

Adaptation game.
It’s the much easier race.
Call Me By Your Name.

Mudbound is so good.
Wish it was a different year.
Can there be a tie?

Okay that’s all I got.

No Guts, No Glory – The Big Sick surprises everyone and wins.