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Exclusive: Inside The Cinematography and Production Design of The Shape Of Water

“Guillermo is undeniably a visualist from design to color to camera. No detail is too small.” ~ producer J. Miles Dale

Watch this exclusive featurette as we go behind the scenes and look at the cinematography and production design of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water. The film is filled with potent cinematic references. Whether he’s paying dazzling creative homage The Red Shoes or The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Del Toro taps into the history of fantastical cinema for his film, ably abetted by production designer Paul Austerberry and cinematographer Dan Laustsen whose evocative helps bring Del Toro’s vision to life.

Doug Jones who plays the Asset says, “This world that we are playing in is not the 1960s that I grew up in, it’s the 1960s that Guillermo has in his mind. ”